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Bedford Free Public Library 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

Home of the Bedford Flag 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Comet John 
Page in 1737 by King George 11 of England, was 
carried by his son, Nathaniel, who fought with the 
Bedford Minutemen at the Battle of Concord 
Bridge, April M, 1775 


The yearbook staff is pleased to dedicate the 2012 Yearbook to Mr. Kevin Connolly. 
Throughout his long career at Bedford High School, Mr. Connolly has been known for 
his knowledge, his skills and his many kindnesses. We wish him the happiest of 

During Mr. Connolly's 34 years of teaching in Bedford he has unraveled the mystery of 
mechanics and technological systems, brought an immense measure of dignity to working 
with one's hands, and imbued in his students the habits of mind and myhad skills that 
accompany the world of craftsmanship. In doing so, he has changed the lives of countless 

-Jon Sills 

Kevin is a wonderful man, father, and teacher whom I am honored to have worked alongside. 
Over the years he has made me laugh, reflect, and reminded me that life is precious. Kevin 
has taught so many individuals over the years and had such an impact on lives and careers 
that he should be so proud leaving such a legacy behind. It will be a true loss to Bedford 
when Kevin retires as his years of knowledge, skill, and smile all embark on an endless 
summer vacation. Kevin will retire from work but not from life. I wish him all the best in the 
world and will miss working alongside him dearly. 

-Justine Flora 

A-I-, Mr. Connolly 

That little dash represents volumes 

spoken, unspoken, yet to be spoken... 
thirty four years of planning, designing, crafting, creating, caring 

sharing irreplaceable talents, 

molding- materials, character, young minds.... 
always first to lend a helping hand, ...offer a kind word, ...a listening ear,... 
a good sport, a consummate gentleman, a true friend, a champion for those in need... 
the one who would always remind us to keep in perspective what's truly important, at 
day's end. 

For all you are, for all you've done, 

your dash leaves an indelible mark... 

...earning you the retirement mark: A-t-, Mr. Connolly, well done! 
-Marcia Burns-Mittler 

I will always remember Mr. Connolly as a welcoming, knowledgeable, talented, and 
passionate man and teacher who never hesitated to help me in any way. He always 
shared his experience and always showed every kindness to me. I never met a 
teacher who cared more about his students and continued to care about them even 
when they left his class and the school. I hope that all the students who had the 
privilege of knowing Mr. Connolly realize how lucky they were to learn from a 
gentleman like him and that they never forget him, I never will! 

-Carrie Taylor 

Tabie^ of CoiiCtmU 



A yearbook is something you'll ke^ forever. You'll look 
back on it and remember what an exciting and amazing 
year it was. You'll look back and fili^in the blanks with 
your own adjectives. You'll remen^ber the silly inside 
jokes you had, the homework you did every night, and the 
times you spent with your best frie^nds. You'll look back 
and remember the creation of your story .This yearbook is 
a scrapbook of those memories in combination with 
everyone else's. Together as a school community we have 
created our story. 

-Senior Editors-In-Chief 

Cassidy Bayen anjj Marina Boebel 3 

Doing something worthiwliile. 

Jesse's Trip to Africa 

Jesse Dikinson-Meltz 
spent the first 2 weeks of 
his trip in a small village 
called Biakpa. Biakpa's 
population is only about 
500 people and most of 
the people are very young. 
There Jesse did 
construction work and 
taught at a school. He 
taught children from ages 

Next he worked at an 
orphanage in a town called 
Sogakope. Jesse said, "This 
could easily be the coolest 
part of my trip." Jesse 
both taught in a school 
that educated orphans and 
helped out around the 
orphanage. "I think what 
made it so cool was that I 
slept in the orphanage with 
the boys," he said, "and at 
night they would teach me 
some of their cultural 
dances and I would help 
them with their 

The main lesson Jesse took out of his trip was to be friendlier to people, "in Bedford,' he said, 
"there is always the awkward tendency to pass by someone in the hallway that you only slightly 
know without making eye contact, whereas in Ghana they would always recognize the presence of 
other people, which is such an easy thing to do." 

He also spent 5 days of his trip traveling around Ghana in tiny public buses, which were 
basically the size of white vans, and they would pack 16 people into these vans! While traveling, 
Jesse did a number of things such as see two slave castles, and spend a night sleeping in a tree 
house 80 meters above the ground. He also got to see elephants, warthogs, antelope, baboons, 
and crocodiles while on a safari towards the north of Ghana. 


"I worked in an assembly line at D.S. Graphics 
in Lowell. I hated every bit of it, but people 
were nice." 
~ Robert Daley 

"I worked at Bedford Sumnner Adventures where I 
was a camp counselor. I loved every minute of it! It 
was a great experience and I made a lot of new 
friends. The only thing I didn't like about my summer 
was when camp ended!" ~ Vanessa Desiato 

"I watched a ton of soap operas and sat 
around all summer. You know how it is." 
~ Rose Mary Turnner 

In my own words. 

Haley's Trip to Thailand 

"It struck me that there were beautiful, modern high rise buildings and right next to 
them were filthy slums where people lived in cardboard boxes." This past summer Haley 
Rhode's traveled to Thailand where she stayed in the capital, Bangkok, and a small rural 
town called Ratchaburi. While in Bangkok she worked with the deaf homeless community 
as well as the homeless. She said that working with the deaf homeless was difficult due to 
multiple language barriers, even though they had had a translator. It was hard to witness 
because they are considered the lowest of the low in the Thai society and it was sad to 
see how other people treated them, but it was encouraging to see their enthusiastic spirit. 

Another really interesting part of Haley's trip was that she got to work in a Thai 
prison. Instead of cement and bars, the prison had many gardens and there was plenty of 
open space. "It looked quite tropical in fact. The guards did not carry guns and I was so 
impressed that they wanted this to be a place "to heal". I think we should have a system 
more like this." 

Haley also worked with Burmese immigrants in Ratchaburi, who face a lot of 
discrimination because the Thai citizens look down on them in a very similar way to 
the Mexican immigration issue in the US. "While I do not feel that I necessarily helped 
these people much, I do know it was an encouragement that they saw Americans 
cared enough to acknowledge them and to spend time with them. Many of them 
(Burmese, homeless) are outcast. I learned that friendship is something we can 
always offer. I also became more aware. I always knew people lived on close to 
nothing, but actually seeing (and smelling!) the places where people lived was really 
eye-opening. I realized how hypocritical I was and it was a good reminder for me to 
be more thoughtful and considerate towards others." 

Haley's favorite part of the trip was meeting a girl named Dao, who shares the 
same birthday with Haley! Dao is a Burmese immigrant and has had a very hard life 
because of her social status. Her parents forced her to work in a sweatshop, which 
was raided by the police. Since she was an illegal immigrant, Dao was placed in jail 
where she was alone for four months. Once she was released, she started going to 
school again. Now she works as a nanny, but it is the tradition to give a percentage 
of one's earnings to the parents. She gives 95% of what she makes to her parents. 
She makes $3 a day, and only keeps 5% of that. She has to live in a slum village and 
she sleeps on the floor. Also, because of her level of poverty, she cannot afford 
medicine when she is sick and is not allowed to go to the hospital. 


April Vacation 2011 

"My favorite moment was seeing Paris from 
the top of the Eiffel Tower at night" 
~ Helen Kissel 

"My favorite part of Italy was the food. The 
pizza there was amazing!" 
" Mark Bowers 

"I really liked the atmosphere of being in a 
foreign country and experiencing different 

~ Lizz Creason 


April Vacation 2011 

"Some of my favorite memories include 
the porch parties, night hikes, watching 
the sunrise, hammocl<s, ghost crabs and 

hanging out on docks." Sarah Iwany, 2012 





Favorite Elementary School 


Marin Gardner 

"I loved raising the baby 
chickens in Mr. Fichera's 
class, especially because I 
got to take a couple of 
them home." 

Carina Montrond-Silveira 

"My favorite memory was the 
fifth grade talent show. I felt 
that it brought people in our 
grade closer together." 



Prom Queen: Leah Weisner 


Ml ■ 


Although Danielle Hickox got paint in her eye she had an amazing 
time. "My favorite part was definitely when we were running 
around throwing paint at each other," she said. Classmate Mike 
Ringuette agreed, "My favorite part was going to school the next 
day covered head to toe in paint." 


"When we walked through the doors of Bedford High School as 
freshmen, it was hard to imagine what the next four years would 
bring. Though these have probably been some of the most 
challenging years of our lives, they have also been the most 
rewarding: We have struggled to balance friendships, family, athletics, 
and academics, but through this journey we have constructed the 
foundation of who we are and who we will become. Looking back over 
the years, we have been truly blessed to have such a wonderful 
grade, which teachers and administrators alike have deemed one of 
the best classes to go through Bedford Public Schools." 
-Class President Haley Rhodes 

Class Officers 

Prom Committee 


CcmM>oK> BocJmcui 


Tkomai Bojowai 







T • 


KinJo Cioqiuitte, 

9tue> Ci&tJcln 

■J / 




^uma CuwU&v 


CluUitlna OtoKg 

Nook Dim 

J (dim Fie>id 

Maloi Fond ^&<fiM<fet Fojc Tilm Mc>G>uitk Joiluia FtanJciiiii 



LUkcM Go^cJutUctt EuhMtb Gomoe,! LawHMM GoH,zaUz -CoMeuctia Good 


Joikaa Goodtttm GoodKlck MacJcMMa G>iaJuuii> At&ica hlawUi 


4 ' 


JacJc f^t 


JmdijM&Cabe, ^Utjt^jKK Mc/^toijj JomM McMakatt III Abbif M&Nwt;) 

BuU^if Medina^ 

Cta'm MUi&o 

MaJmi M&tideA-BivooIci 

Co Ml Mok&K 


Jiditia NocMa 

Aikte>(f Nag If 

1 ^HHI^^B 

^^^^^ ^^^^^ '^^^^^^^1 


MadUoK, PaXtMioiv 

CluUitoplm PonJclca CluiMtbplm Potter 

L 1 





r . 1 

■ ^ 





if , 

:. r , 

Jeuica ^kam 


i 1 


Natkm RogMA MoMi RoliMUn 

K . ... 







KtiU ^iiur»t Caw tide £tak 


Pewvtj £ookoo 

McuUa TcoKo 



CatliMiM WifotC 

LUtLe> ZcuciuvujJcM 

JuuUfM> ZoUa 

Best of 
luck to 

Class of2012 



Bedford High School is unique in the way that it is 
comprised of students fronn three distiru;JL^^B^ ^ 
communities: Bedford, Boston, and Hanscom Air Force 
Base. With parents in the military, many students from 
the base have traveled around the United States, and 
many,otheL.exciting^arts of the world. This map 
highlights the seniors from the base, or the seniors 
who have come to Bedford from other places, and 
who have enriched the community that makes us all 
BHS. ^ , V > 


Puerto Ri^o, IL, NJ, 



Jurkey, Germany, 

Finland, MA 

CO, KY, ME, 


Turkey, FL, MS, 

Germany was my favorite 
place to live. There was always 

something to do. The 
neighborhood I lived in had a 
carnival every 3 weeks and 
there was an ojrf Bavarian 
castle right in my backyard. 


^iked Holland [Netheria 
1 the grocery stores, you could 
pari; on the roof. Then, you'd take 
^Secial escalators down to the 
^pre. The escalators had a 
for the cart, too. I thought tha 
was really cool!" 

"Florida was my favorite place 
to live because it's my home 



It is not unusual for BHS to host foreign exchange students. This 
year was different from other years, though. Kimnno Kauppinen, 
a senior from Finland, decided to come to Bedford High School 
and graduate with the class of 2012. 

Q. Why did you decide to do an exchange program? 

A. I thought it would be a good opportunity to become more 

independent and leave home for a bit. 

Q. What's do you like best about living here? 
A. Most of the time people are nice, and there are a lot of 
opportunities and choices. Some of the choices I had were what 
classes to take, what activities to do, and which sports to 
participate in. 

Q. What were some big differences between Finnish culture and 
society and American culture and society? 
A. In America everything is bigger, and modern. People in 
America are more energetic. In Finland, people are generally 
more shy and quiet. In Finland, it is a lot colder than here too. 

Q. Where did you learn English? 

A. I started learning English in third grade. We also had the 
choice of studying Swedish, French or Spanish. 

Q. Did you play hockey or golf in Finland? Do you like playing 

hockey better in Finland or in the United States? 

A. Yes I played both hockey and golf in Finland. But sports in 

Finland were not like they are here in the US. There were no 

school teams, so people played mostly on club teams. But I like 

playing hockey here better, more people go and watch the 


Q. What are you going to do after you graduate? 
A. I will be going back home to Finland. I will work on a local golf 
course. After that I will join the army. In Finland, it is mandatory 
for eighteen year old men to do so. 


Joining the 
Armed Forces 

Mahiri Mendez Brooks-Army 
Brandon Moncrief-Marines 
Christian Capinslci-Marines 
Eriberto Gomez Military 
Chris Porkka-Army 
T.J Bojorcas-Combat Photographer 
in the Air Force 

"I have been very interested in clothes, jewelry 
and movies, since I was little. I realized that one 
can be a completely different person based on 
what one wears. This got me interested in 
fashion design. I am looking forward to learning 
fashion design at Parsons in NYC this fall, ^'"want 
to work in the Bollywood movie industry and 
make my own line of clothes to becorne a 
successful designer." 1^., 
-Ridhima Kolla, Fashion Design at Parsons 

"I could Wkt see myself not continuing to play 
volleybaH/t is my absolute passion and I love 
every apect of', the game. I could not see 
myself cfoing anything else." 

-Kiana MeAul^y Pomeroy, Division 1 Volleyball 

"I've been playing tennis for as long as 
remember. Playing in college was some 
never had to think twice about. I a 
grateful to be given the opportunity t 
at such a high level and am so excited!" 
-Sydney Arsenault, Playing Tennis 

"Next y^J^ilf'be attending a military college 
because ^'some day .;t hope to be a 
commis^iened officer^ the United States Air 
Force. I hope that m>^ experience in a college 
of this type will help nie succ^ \ri, ' 
future jobs" ^ 
-Michael JCn^n, Military College 

"Ever since I was little I was always intragued'* 
by airplanes and how they worked. After 
taking a flight for the first time the physicsC 
and excitement of flight was unmatched by 
anything else I could do." 
-Kirk Choquette, Purdue University ^ - 

Frisky Flirts Theatrically Thriving Cutest Couple 

Justin McAfee & Alex Giglio Jesse Dickinson Meltz & Rosie Turner Meredith Brady & Danny Antonoff 


Dynamic Dancers Friendliest Folk Totally Talkative 

Cam Bochman & Tiffany Tong Patrick Frazier & Marci Rohtstein Ben Radio & Megan Barr 


Fantastic Fans Loveliest Locks Awesome Athletes 

Emily Medwar & TJ Bojorcas Colin Petschek & Jessuly McCabe Jo^l Reubenstein & Kristen Baratta 

Naturally Nuts Magnificently Musical Absolutely Artistic 

Claire Miller & Noah Dines Eileen Goodrich & James Kuo Alex Winkler & Marin Gardner 



• Monday: Seniors: White Out 
Underclassmen: Black Out 

^^^L Tuesday: imltation/Twln 

l^^^l Wednesday: Seniors: Toga 
^^^^^1 Underclassmen: Hawaiian 

Thursday: Preppy 

Friday: Class shirts 

"Wearing our 
class shirts 

for the 
blackout was 
my favorite 

day." - Senior 
Abby McNulty 

^^What do you like about 
Spirit Week? 

"I like how it got everyone 
really excited and it allows 
people who don't usually 
attend sporting events to get 
involved in school spirit." 

-Senior Alyssa Unumb 


Q: How was your last pep 

A: "It was emotional. I almost 
cried. I liked dancing my last 

- Mahiri Brooks (Senior) 

Q: What was your favorite 

A: "The band, the dance 
performances, and watching 
all of the classes come 
together and be represented. 

- Alisa Granada (Junior) 

Q: How was your last pep 

A: "Exciting, fun, energetic, 
loud, and cohesive!" 

- Noah Dines (Senior) 


an cu^iUqu^ yQft^^ 

"We stand here looking back on what ainnost certainly was the hardest 
year of our high school careers. From all accounts, we were successful. We 
have made it through the infamous junior year and onto the rest of our 
lives. Between us and the uncertainty of adulthood lies one more year 
together, one more exciting experience before we set out on the journey 
of life. Savor these next few moments in Bedford, for after them lies the 

uncertain, perilous, and glorious future." 
-Class of 2015 Ben Kaplan 


Class of 2013 

Hemant Acharva 
Aubrey Adams 

John Agiorgousis 
Victoria Albert 

Michael Albrecht 

Rachel Aldorisio 
Adam Appelbaum 
Tayana Augmon 
Jared Badia 
Christine Bahtianan 

Caelyn Baird 
Cassandra Baker 
Alton Barbehenn 
Laurel Barkan 
Jacqueline Barmashi 

Jillian Barnes 
Anne Bartkus 
Justin Bensenouci 
Samuel Bernardon 
Nick Boivin 

Alyssa Bonny 
Mark Bowers 
Brittany Boyd 
Nicole Bradshaw 
Jacqueline Brady 

Craig Braga 
Robert Bridgeman 
Joshua Bryson 
Kelsey Burke 
James Burnett 


lass of 2013 

Karlana Fronk 
William Frve 
Shavne Gagnon 
Charlotte Gale 
Joseph Gallagher 

Jamie Garber 
Kathleen Gildea 
Abram Grainger 
Alisa Granada 
Kristen Green 

Anne Greene 
Leah Hamilton 
Austin Harwood 
Kiara Hernandez 
Wade Hetland 

Connor Higgins 
Hannah Higgins 
Kathrvn Higgins 
Matthew Hoben 
Katv Hollydav 

Alec Holt 
Erica Hsiung 
Brian Hughes 
Stephen Imsong 
Stephanie loffredo 

Kimberlie Isnor 
Sean Isnor 
Keisuke Isobe 
Olivia Jameson 
Alexandra Jarvis 


William Kahaiyan 
Ikrame Kanane 
Benjamin Kaplan 
Miranda Keane 
Craig Kellv 

Nicholas Kennedy 
Eleni Kent 
James Kiely 
Hannah Kim 
Seowon Kim 

Zoe Kipp 
Jon Kline 
Benjamin Knicely 
Katlyn Knorreck 
Justin Kovacs 

Shea Kuhl 
Katie Kwan 
Forrest Lacy 
Melissa Landman 
Jayson Latady 

Leah Laukien 
Conor Lavery 
Claudia Lawry 
Kelsey Lee 
Suk Woon Lee 

Halie Lesavage 
Kevin Leskouski 
Anthony Lespasio 
Shaleyah Lewis 
Joseph Linden 


lass of 20t3 

John Linnehan 
Maria Linnehan 
Samuel List 
Suzie Louis 
Katherine Luczai 

Amanda Luniewicz 
Samantha Luyet 
Mark MacLeod 
Brady Maher 
Erin Mahonev 

Michael Mahonev 
John Malaguti 

Sheldon Maloney 
Peter Manning 
Phengnia Mao 

Samantha Marchesini 
Hannah Mardini 
Jacob Margolis 
Samuel Markuse 
Michael Marshall 

Charles Martin 
Najee' Martin 
Alaina Martines 
Molly McCarthy 
Nickolas McElrath 

Zachary Mclllece 
Lori Merlo 
Kaylan Merring 
Liam Midgley 
Hailey Millar 

Brandon Mitchell 
Justine Molioy 
Daniel Moore 
Carley Morgan 
Melina Morris 

Enoch Mungalachettv 
Tung Nguyen 
Annika Nosal 
Austin O'Connor 
Steven Oslan 

Zachary Otte 
Nicole Pariseau 
Sharon Park 
Termara Parker 
Allison Parrella 

Nathaniel Perez 
Mc Kenna Petri 
Stephen Pham 
Isaiah Phoenix 
Matthew Piccirillo 

Scout Pierce 
Alexander Pisera 
Hanna Pisera 
Kristin Plansky 
Samantha Plumley 

Julia Powell 
Bethany Rennich 
Jessica Reyes 
Jeffery Roberts 
Samantha Robertson 


lass of 2013 

Isabella Rogers 
John Roselli 
Brendan Rosen 
Emma Rosier 
Marguerite Rushanan 

Evelyn Sainato 
Jennie Segal 
Jacob Seymourian 
David Silbert 
Tenneh Sillah 

Leanna Silvestrone 
Amy Singer 
Benjamin Skorupka 
Tyler Skurka 
Deonte' Small 

Cretchen Smallenberger 
Kyle Smallenberger 
Melanie So 
Grace Song 
Eliza Stacey 

Robyn Stanley 
Carlos Tamayo 
Eric Tate 
Jason Vafiades 
Maria Valbona 

Olympia Veliz 
Augustine Villanueva 
Michael Walsh 
Jing Wang 
Kristina Washer 


Joseph Waters 
Sara Weaver 
Pamela Weidman 
Madelyn Werth 
James Robert White 

Kellev Williams 
Cory Wilson 
Joseph Woodworth 
Jacqueline Yang 
Joshua Yannix 


"Two years. Two years that we have accompHshed. Two years that we have 
left. In these two years I know that we can all say we have grown in some sort 
of way, whether that is literally, or as a person. High School is the chapter in 
your life where you figure out who you truly are, grow up to become an adult, 
and party the night away. Now 2014, we have two years left. Let's make the I 
next two years of our high school career the best, because this is when it counts. 

To those not returning, Once a Buccaneer, Always a Buccaneer" 
-Ben DriscoU, Sophomore Class President 


Rvan Abele 
Moise Abetv 
Alyssa Alexander 
Kevin Altschuler 
Daniel Anderson 

Melvin Antuna 
Adam Anzuoni 
Isabella Barbati 
Matthew Barbieri 
Victoria Barrv 

Nicole Battaglia 
Hayley Bauer 
Jacob Berg 
Maya Biswas 
Joshua Blakeley 

Akhileshwar Borra 
Samuel Bradford 
Sean Bradshaw 
Kaitlin Buccolo 
Cydni Burton 

Benjamin Carroll 
Bnana Champion 
Analisa Chap 
Nicholas Chapman 
Nicole Charette 

Tyler Charron 
Tenzin Choezom 
Leah Choquette 
Pei-yun Chu 
Emily Clark 



Glass of 20t4 

Julia Coding 
Martin Coldschmidt 
Tess Cong 
Alaina Creanev 
Demetra Green 

Adrian Hale 
Bradley Hale 
Danaysha Hamilton 
Julie Hamilton 
Sadida Harris Carvalho 

Philip Harrison 
Madeline Hartai 
Catherine Hayes 
Michael Hayes 
Kaileigh Henderson 

Gregory Hickox 
Robert Hildreth 
Stephanie Hills 
Sean Hines 
Jake Hirsch 

Katherine Johnson 
Lauren Johnson 
David Kaiser 
Stephen Kaufmann 
Shannon Kean 



Class of 20t4 

Michael Mericantante 
Kayla Miller 
Jacob Mock 
Ira Moll 
Alvssa Nagv 

a ^jfV y ear 

To the friendly, kind, hilarious, inspiring, AMAZING Class of 
2015 - 

One down, three to go! 
You all are awesome, really you are, and I think we've 
forged our own way through high school with a fantastic 
start! All of the sports teanns' rosters and production casts 
had remarkable representation from the freshman class, and 
that list could go on and on. And we officers were ecstatic 
when we broke our year's fundraising goal in December.. .But 
we couldn't have done it without you! It's the best feeling 
when we see all of you asking how you can help, or even just 
always being there to support us with every one of our 

We are all on a journey, we are all on a path, and 
although our journeys and paths may be different, BHS is 
one of the few things that we will all share. We came here as 
timid little freshmen, struggling through the maze of 
hallways. But we did it! We made it through, and with our 
freshman year behind us, we can now see just a little bit 
farther into the distance. There are lots of forks and turns 
ahead where we'll have chances to make decisions about 
where we're heading. We don't know exactly where that is 
yet, where we're going, but we're all in this together! 

Thank you for an unforgettable year! 
Emily Moss 

Class of 201 5 President 

we : 



lass of 20 

Taylor Adams 
Megan Albrecht 
Aspen Alexander 
Madeline Allen 
Dottie Arsenault 

Alexander Avakian 
Jacqueline Baer 
Alberto Baez 
Lauren Banister 

Sinclair Barbehenn 

Jordan Bowen 
Christian Bristow 
Amanda Brown 
Emilv Brown 
Kristen Bullock 

Glass of 20 

Jillian DeCrazia 
Monika Deiacruz 
Bailey Dermarderosian 
Hervintz Desert 
John Dickinson Meltz 


Taylor Leister 
Henri Levenson 

Jianna Lin 
Deanna Lobo 
Cabre Lucas 

Michael Luczai 
Erica Luniewicz 
Alexis Lustv 
Brandon Luyet 
Nathaniel Macht-Creenberg 

Michael Mahonev 
Michael Mason 
Jenessa McCabe 
Alicia McDonough 
Allison Mclllece 

Matthew McMahan 
Helen Mcquanent 
Raymond Merring 
Ethan Miller 
Justine Morgan 

Emily Moss 
Tiffany Mota 
Felicia Murnn 
Andrea Ning 
Brittany Noel 

of 20t5 



Jesika Rubin 
Jessica f?ubin 
Keara Russeii 
Meghan Rvan 
Julianne Sandoval 

Master Sandy 
Jessica Saunders 
Kelly Saunders 
Hayley Scanlon 
Natalie Schalick 

Noah Schmitz 
Zachary Scipioni 
Nisa Seme 
Dana Shahar 
Andrew Shpyrko 

Isaac Singer 
Aaron Sisneros 
Isabelle Smith 
Rebecca Smith 
Tiffany So 

Theresa Soldan 
Benjamin Sollecito 
Andrew Spaulding 
Eric Spector 
Kaera Spencer-Peterson 

Meghan Stanley 

Liam Stiefel ? 
Matthew Sullivan 
Eneida Tamayo 
Rodney Tamukedde 

r HIS 

\\ ^ i \ Q^>B. ^^Hi^iH iMiliii 



Foreign Language 

Left to right: Angela Allen, Lisa Flannery, Dana 
Button. Kim Alexander, Osvaldo Meji'a, Ci'ntia 
Laurencio, Barbara Bamett, Lisa Taub, Karen Santos 

Social Studies 

Top left: Dave Boschetto, Jim Sunderland, Joel Hebert, Christine 
Butler, Stania Augustin 

Bottom left: Rich Donnelly, Tova Komfeld, Elizabeth Goetschius, 
Jennifer Ferro, Patrick Culhane, Dennis Walsh 


Top left: Christine Larimore. Colleen Irving, Marcia Bums- 
Mittler, Kim Comeiro, Amanda Faulkner, Dotty Blake 
Bottom left: Jesse Dix, Patrick Morrissey, Jerry Peters, 
C.G. Venkatesh 


Top left: Arthur Lew. Sean McGowan, Michael Griffin, Matt 
Rose, Scott Stief, Joe Zahka 

Bottom left: Liana Heldman, Lisa Morrison, Janine Towle, 
Heather Kurzman, Sarah Leshay 


Left to right: 

Captain Richard Carson, 

Chief Christopher Edris 



fop left: Dan Niven (Kurt Vonnegut), Kristen Tocci (Samuel Beckett), 
oel Hebert (Jules Verne), Jane Harvey (JRR Tolkien), Peter Jacob- 
)olan (Tim O'Brien), 

vliddle Left: Chris Zellner (Mark Twain), Bill Berlino (Shakespeare), 
Celly Sullivan (Sandra Cisneros), Laura Bruno (Maya Angelou) 
Jottom left: Patti Messenger (Virginia Woolf), Christine Walker(Amy 
fan), Mary Lou Sallee (Edith Wharton) 






Left to right: Spiral Head by Pavel Tchelitchew (Larry 
Sheinfeld), Madame Matisse by Henri Matisse (Eileen 
Wagner), Self-portrait by Frida Kahlo (Whitney Davis), 
Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol (Aleta Devany) 

Top left: Evan Grunwald, Jim Felker, Phil 

Bottom left: Diane Pritchett, Nicole O'Toole 

Occupational Ed. 

Left to right: Justine Flora, Susan Dowler, Marcia Bums-Mittler, 
Kevin Connolly 

Health/ Physical Ed. 

Left to right: Katie Anderson, Ashley Martell, Jackie Supprise, 
Beth Billouin, Jim Byrnes 



Left to right: 

Kevin Tracey- Assistant Principal 

Jon Sills- Principal 

Kristen Vogel- Assistant Principal 


Top left: Janel Halupowski, Karen Ford, Alison 
Lohrum,Diane Ryan,Margie Harris,Nancy Powell, 
Front left: Brian DeChellis, Charles Alperin 


Left to Right: Lynn Sheehan, 
Jeanne Smyth 


Nancy Thorsen 

Computer Tecli 

Top left: Bill Rimsa, Ken Lord, Nick Kapotsis 
Bottom left: Colleen Murray, Vera Carroll 


Top: Bill Brincklow 

Left to Right: Cindy Malia, Tina 

Langone, Peg Sullivan, Dave Sainato 


Top: Dina D'Andragora 

Middle left: Kevin Hogan, Peter Lazaris, 

Ed Nadeau 

Bottom left: Lucas Taddeo Jr., Sherm Primmerman 


Left to right: Laurie Venuti, Karen Poli, Donna Higson, 
Brenda Cella 

Special Ed 

Top left: Kelly Giusti, Susan Doan ,Akil Mondesir,Gennie 
Gannon, Stacey Grillo, Breena Daniell, Linda Gustafson, 
Victoria Hatfield,Shawn Daley 

Bottom left: Anna Kubetin, Jake Sullivan, Cassie Dresser, 
Cia Gisone 

Sl<ills Center 

Left to right: Jerome Freedman, Deb Sakelakos, Carol 
Twombly, Mon Luke 


Left to right: Denise Terenzoni, Kim Santos, 
Marilyn Carlo, Jane Higgins, 
Gail Hannon, Nancy D'Andragora 


P^g, Loch/tP 

Match each person 
with the locker 
you think is theirs! 

Maddie is athletic 
and eco-friendiy 
witli her reusable 
lunch bag. 

Mahiri is quite often 
cold but always 

Helen enjoys running 
and always has shoes 
in her locker. 

Matt plays football but 
be careful, his locker 
might be wet! 

Sarita plays tennis 
and her bag takes up 
most of her locker. 

Shivani likes sparkly 
things and shopping 
at American Eagle 

Tessa locker is very 
full but it always has 
room for pictures of 
her dogs. 

Senen is athletic but 
always has time for 
his studies. 

Talia likes things clean 
and organized, She 
keeps her binders 
color coordinated. 

BiiBi '6 ;;bi/\| -g b:}ubsy u9I8H'9 9!PPB1A1 "5 Bssai -p jUBAjgs '2 uauas Z MIM^l/M 'I 



Young, Wild and Free 

T.V. Show 
Pretty Little Liars 


Harry Potter and the 
Deathly Hallows 

Emnna Stone 


Top Saying 

(You Only Live Once) 



I" ^ 


Place to Shop 
American Eagle 


Place to Travel 



The Hunger Cannes 


Technologvf^ ^ 
iPad 2 
(sorry seniors) 


jPlace to Hang Out 
Anywhere but home 


Place to Eat 
Carriage House 








Captain Julina Nocera says, "a defining tlieme of tliis season would 
definitely be our team cohesiveness and bond. Our relationship that grew 
throughout the season translated onto the field. The teams, freshman, JV, 
and Varsity, we're all intertwined and connected through our strong sense 
of friendship and team values. This season has made a lasting impact on 
the Bedford field hockey program that I, as well as the other seniors, will 
never forget." 

Captain Emily Medwar feels that, 'the field hockey program had its ups 
and downs this year. We had a new coach and some obstacles to face, but 
as a team we overcame them. We have grown as a team and were 
competitors in the DCL small. We focused on our mental and physical 
game which improved our program as a whole.' 

Back row left to right: Coach Amanda Kelley, Laura Coughlm, Emma Rosier. 
Alaina Martines. Isabelle Rogers, Brittany Boyd, Marisa Citrano, Maria Valbona, 
Kim Isnor, Taylor Laney, and Lauren Johnson. 

Front row left to right: Alyssa Unumb, Abby McNulty, Julia Romanelli. Julina 
Nocera, Emily Medwar, Erin Hurley, Leah Weisner, Megan Barr, Elle Thompson, 
and Sam Hussey. 




Back row: 
Anne Greene 
Eleni Drivas 
Lillie Zacharakis 
Kiana McAuley- 
Pomeroy (captain) 
Hania Pisera 
Caroline Slak 
Dela Scliarf f 

Front row: 
Marci Rohtstein 
Vicki Albert 
Talia Miller 
Jackie Yang 
Lizz Creason 
Shauna Dresel 

Not Pictured: 
Justine Molloy 

Sophie Zacharakis 


team with a suDOor^ive environmen* . 

Captain Jessuiy Mc<^aDe aavises upcoming runners to, en| 
the experiences you have with your team. They really do last a 

"A lot Of people 
run a race to see 
who is the fastest. 
I run to see who 
has the most 
- Steve 






"This was the best soccer team I 
have ever been a part of...and I'll say 
it for the last time... "I Believe!!" 
-Co-Captain Kristen Baratta 




- Co-Captain Marina Boebel 

"So much happened this year, that it's too 
hard to picl< a favorite. It could have been 
when we beat Boston Latin, helping Coach 
Wilson get his 500th win, or when we 
started all the seniors on senior night, all 12 
of us, (2 goalies at once!). Or maybe it was 
beating Saugus to get to the second round 
of states, the first time since we moved up 
to division 2. This season has been one of 
many firsts, and for the seniors, our last, 
but even more than that, it has been 
-Co-Captain Marina Boebel 

"I have so many great memories 
and I can not pick just one. Literally 
every game (especially those we 
won) was memorable to me. Some 
standout ones to me are winning at 
Boston-Latin for Coach Wilson's 
500th win and definitely finally 
winning a state's game in Division 2. 
The feeling of coming off the field 
against Saugus after a win in the 
state tournament is something that 
I will never forget." 
-Co-Captain Kristen Baratta 

"The most memorable 
part of the season was 
the very last game against 
Arlington. The fans 
shouting, the girls all 
trying their best. It was a 
heart breaker but it was 

-Co-Captain Maria Tiano 


"We played together, we played hard, and we played smart. Co-Captain Nathan Rogers 

What was the 
best game of the 

"Even though we lost; 
playing against Danvers 
(#1 seed) this year in the 
second round of the 

-Joel Reubenstein 

*i I f 

' ^ 1 

Co-Captains: #50 Samuel Bigda-Peyton, 
#58 Nicholas Falzone, #5 Jonathan Banister 

"It was a great season, it didn't end the way we were lioping but we had a really good run and had a lot of great games along 
the way.The most memorable game for me was beating Wayland on Senior night, it was our last game on our home field and 

we definitely went out the right way." 
-Co-Captain Jonathan Banister 

"It was my senior season, the season I had 
been looking forward to for a long time, 
and we all worked so hard to become a 
better football team and although we 
came just short of winning the league, we 
were much better than last year and we 
played our hearts out every Friday night, 
m really gonna miss all those Friday nights 
under the lights with my team, it doesn't 
get any better than that." 
-Co-Captain Jonathan Banister 


I am proud of the team's momentous 
achievements this past season and I am happy 
to have ended my high school season with such 
a great group of kids. I couldn't have asked for 
more; an all around amazing year Bucs 
Statistically, we weren't exactly the best team in 
our league, but we were undoubtedly the life of 
the DCL this year. Everyone has accomplished so 
much this season and it's been great to see 
everyone grow in leaps and bounds. This team 
has made a lasting impact on my life over these 
past few years. We have learned so much and 
value the relationships 1 have made over the 
past four years. 

-Patrick Frazier, Co-Captain 

Seniors: Lindsy Pang, Guen Cyphers, 
Michael Ringuette, Katie Wyatt, Shaylynn 
McCrory, IVIichael Chen, Jeremy Lu 

Coach Carson with co-captain 
Mjl<e Ringuette and captain 
Katie Wyatt 



■ !■ 

5 6>» 




"I thinl< a lot of people underestimate 
the rifle team, but we continually do 
well and this year was no different. We 
placed second in the league and made a 

lot of personal records. Overall, we 
worked well together and had a great 
Captain Katie Wyatt^ 





"Ski team is unique because not 
only is it co-ed but we have a lot of 
siblings on the team so it makes it. 
like one big family.' 
~ Sydney Arsenault 

"We are a really special 
team. I liked the 
slacking workouts, 
throwing snowballs at 
our coach, getting 
chased after by the ski 
fuzz, lots of food and 
whipped cream." 
"Maria Tiano 


Favorite part of ski team? 
"Emily Foster." 
~Justin Paganetti 

"Wheres the beef?" 
~ Devin Liang 

"I love that we all ski for fun and 
don't take ourselves too seriously. 
~ Helen Kissel 


"I wouldn't call us a team. I would call us a family. 
Success was noticeable on and off the ice, as an athlete 
and a person. I've never been a part of something with 
such determination and drive." 
-Anthony Tomao, Captain 

"From before school practices to 
winning the DCL my team earned 
what we did this year. We stuck 
together as a family, throughout 
the entire season. I couldn't have 
had a better squad. My boys did 
something unthinkable and 
rewrote the history books this ^ 
year. Although we ended the 
season with a playoff loss, I won 
the best thing out there: 

-Abe Grainger, Captain 


"Looking back on the season, I can't pick one 
specific higlilight but one of the most memorable 
games for me, was our last Weston game. Every 
single player on our team scored in that game. It 
is a game that proves just how much of a team 
we are and how everyone is a part of our 

-Kristen Baratta, Co-Captain 

"We had an amazing journey this season, 
with 6 seniors and 6 underclassmen. I an so 
proud of the team and excited that '2012' 
has made its mark on the banner. We are 



For the first time ever, the hockey team went 16-4 and 
became Dual County League champions. Then in states, the 
team had a first round bye and went on to win the next 
two games Lynn 4-1 and Rockport 6-2. From there the. 
hockey team went to the D5 finals against Wayland, where 
their season came to an end with a score of 1 -4. 

'My favorite game was the game against Weston. Beating 
them meant we won the DCL. Playing with this team was 
like being a part of a family. I'm definitely going to miss 
them." -Kimmo Kauppinen 

Girls Basketball 

DCL Champions, and State semi finalists 
"After our second loss of the season vs AB in the 
beginning of the season, we started to find our ways with 
one another, and take advantage of the variety of skills 
that each of us have. After that we have yet to loose a 
game, which is something we are very proud of, and 
proves how much we ended up clicking." 
-Kristen Baratta, Senior Co-Captain 


DCL Chamions, and qualified for Regionals 
"We did very well this season! We quickly realized that 
being a team meant working together to achieve a 
common goal. It was so exciting to go to Regionals, 
especially because the team hadn't gone in a while! We 
worked hard and pulled it together to be DCL Champions. 
We made it because we are a great team. Being at 
Regionals was one of the happiest moments we shared as 
a team. We proved we aren't just a sport for basketball 
but we too are Buccaneers!" -Vanessa Desiato, Captain 

Individual Achievements 

Senen Paez, Alton Barbhan, Conor Lavery (filling in for Armen Arkelian) and 
Robert Doherty placed second at the Division 4 Indoor Track States meet, 
which qualified them for All-States. 

Maria Tiano-Ski 

^^men Arkelian-lndoor Track 

Senior Maria Tiano qualified 
for the first time for 
states, and was the only 
person from the ski team 
to do so. 

Senior Armen Arkelian 
broke the school record in 
the 600 meter with a time 
of 1:26.85. His time 
qualified him for states. 

Senior Marina Boebel place 
first in shot put at all of 
the regular season meets. 
She broke the school 
record with a throw of 36 
ft. 10 1/4 in. and placed 
second at states, and 
qualified for All-States. 

Junior Olivia Jameson broke four 
school records this year. In the 
100 Free she got 54.59 seconds. 
In the 500 Free she got 4:59.64. In 
the 200 Free she got 1:52.35. In 
the 200 l.M. she got 2:12.91. Along 
with these she placed in the DCL 
meet, States and Sectionals. 

Freshmen Jenessa McCabe 
broke the school record in the 
300 meter with a time of 
44.85. Her time qualified her 
for states. 

Senior Patrick Frazier broke 
a school record this year. He 
swam 52.62 in the 100 Free. 
Patrick places in the DCL 
meet and in sectionals. 


FraziepSvyj|y| 1^ 

J.V. Field Hockey 

Freshmen Field Hockey 


J.V. Soccer 


Freshmen Soccer 

J.V. Volleyball 

Freshman Volleyball 

J.V. Basketball 

Freshmen Basketball 

J.V. Basketball 

Freshmen Basketball 

':ne past four years, ! have 
. jG the privilege of participating 
in "Best Buddies." Spending time 
with students in the "best 
buddies" program has taught me 
about our similarities. We love the 
same, laugh the same, and desire 
similar things. Being actively 
involved in meetings, fundraisers, 
dances, and social events have let 
me see the benefits of the 
program. It was through "Best 
Buddies" that I Found my desire 
to pursue a career in special 

-Abby McNulty 
Over the past four years "Best 
Buddies" has given me the 
opportunity to meet new 
people and experience new 
things.. My favorite 
memory is going to Indiana for a 
leadership conference. 

M -Emily Medwar 

^ Vice President 






tffipinrs and their Sibling 

There is nothing like the bond between 

Joel and Rebecca Reubenstein 

Siblings are more than friends, they 


JR, 2012: "I told nny sister, that High School 
takes time to get use to, but you figure it 
out. Also I told her 'no boys'!" 
RR, 2015: "It is an advantage to have an older 

sibling because he can drive me to school." 
JR: "We usually get along, a lot better than we 

used to." 

RR: "It's also an advantage because people 
know Joel so they know me, too." 

Soencer-Peterson Noah and Arianna 

Kerry and Matt Judcre 

KJ, 2012: "I told my brother that at first high 
school seems confusing, but you get used to 


MJ, 2015: "We joined the Bridging 
Generations club together." 
KJ: "We usually get along. But of course we 
fight sometimes." 
MJ: " There is an advantage to having an 
older sibling at high school, because Kerry 
can drive me to school and I don't have to 
take the bus." 


CB, 2015: "Elizabeth told me that high 
school would be a lot different from 

middle school. Also that it's easy." 
EB, 2012: "It's an advantage to having 
Greg at BHS because I can look out 
for him. I always give him helpful 

CB: "We both play basketball." 
EB: "We get along really well." 

James and Kristen Kuo 

Abbv an d Christian J\/lcNuit>i 

Lev and Nate IVlach t-Gree nberg 

Jessuly and Jenessa McCabe 

Ben and Jess Radio 

Liliie and Sopliie Zactnaral<is 

MB, 2012: "I told my sister if you get 
lost, don't cry." 
EB, 2015: "We get along very well. 
She helps me with homework and is 

someone I definitely confide in." 
MB: "We both play soccer and track." 
EB: "There is definitely an advantage 
to having a sibling, especially since 
Marina can help me when I get lost 
in school." 

a and Slliana 


oanmMt^ of P&iifi 


Best Actor: Noah Dines fl^^^^V 

Best Actress: Hayley Scanlon ^^^^^^^B 
Best Supporting Actor: Robby Bridgeman^^^^^^H 
Best Supporting Actress: Jennie Segal ^hh^^^h 
Best Male Newcomer: OIek Peraire Bueno ^^^^^^ 

Best Ensemble: Freshmen 

Best Play: Juniors 
Best Set Design: Juniors 

Best Female Newcomer: Lauren Winn ^/j/f^ 

Freshmen OIek Peraire Bueno says, "Tournament of Plays was Inspirational. It 
probably was one of the best nights of my life. Hanging out in school after 
hours was a blast. I really enjoyed acting with my friends." 

Sophomore Jake Hirsch thought Tournament was "really fun and I had a great 
time making new friends. We really came together as a team. RUMBLEROAR!" 

Junior Maria Linnehan says, "It was a great experience. It brought us all closer 
and the bond we all formed is really special. I can't wait until next year." 


Sevan Dulgarian...Ti Moune 
Tom Burnet.. .Daniel Beauxhomme 
Mark Dunlea...Tonton Julian 
Aryn Colonero...Mama Euralie 
Jack Linnehan...Papa Ce 
Lauren Winn...Erzulie 
Karl Lua...Asaka 
Jesse Dickinson-Meltz...Agwe 
Linda Bittenson... Andrea Deveraux 
James Doud... Ancestor Armand 
Rosie Turner. .Madame Armand 
Eric Tate. ..Armand Beauxhomme 

Daniel Liu. ..Gatekeeper 
Araz Dulgarian... Little Ti Moune 
Colin 0'Toole...Little Daniel 

Poor Ensemble 
Christine Bahtiarian, Monika Delacruz, 

Evan Dombkowski, Becky Klein, 
Deanna Lobo, Allison Mclllece, Mahiri 
Mendez-Brooks, Tennah Sillah, Theresa 
Soldan, Pamela Weidman 

Rich Ensemble 
Sarah Cowles, Catherine Donato, 
Indigo Fox Tree-McGrath, Brad 
Hegarty, Kate Johnson, Katie Luczai, 
Hayley Scanlon, Leanna Silverstone, 

Coldschmidt, Lexi Ugelow 



Senio^^ari Lua feels that, "The past four years 
being in the musicals haven't just provided me 
wit|inemories that will last a lifetime, but 
jf with friends that will too." 

Senior Rosie Turner says that, "I loved being in 
the musical for the past four years. I have met 
many amazing people and made a lot of great 
friends. The OOTI cast and crew became like a 
family to me. I have had the best time on 
stage and off. I'm truly blessed to do 
something I love and share it with all of you." 

Senior Jesse Dickinson-Meltz says, "My only 
regr^ from this show is that I wasn't soaked 
y. in -water fefore every scene." 

Sophomore Lauren Winn reflects about the 
musical: "I've made my best friends through 

the musical, and we've all become one big 
family & I will never forget this experience!" 

Freshmen Tom Burnet says that, "It wasn't 
until I did the musical that 1 felt I belonged in 
High School. I met a group of 40 strangers and 
they became , my family. I made some amazing 
friends there. If I remember anything from 
Freshmen year, it will be the musical." 



"Being in Marchinc Band h:is been n great experience that ha« brought 
meaning to my High School existence. It has exposed me to a lot of hard 
working people and great personalities, .md it h;i^ been b> far tht best de^ ision 
I've made going into High School." - David Silbert. Drum Major 

"Marching Band has been an incredibly important part of my High School 
experience and has given me an awesome group of friends throughout the 
years." - Allegra Scharff, Senior Flutist 

"It's a lot of hard work, but I've made so many fnends. and together we're all 
like one big family " - Michaele McCJregor, Color Guard 



MoitLih£tf To... 

Be secretly sassy... Santa B. 

Update their Facebook status 24/7... Carina M. 

Still be talking... Julian F. 

Be on Project Runway... Ridllima K. 

Be a townie... Elizabetll B. 

Get into a debate... Nate S. 

Die without caffeine... Brittany N. 

Be in the NBA... MarqiS L 

Be complaining... IVIarina B. 

Be obsessed with his cats... Nate R. 

Run a marathon... Helen K. 

Bench press an SUV... Nick W. 

Be a sports caster... Sean C. 

Be a gym rat... Alex K. 

Brighten your day... Talia M. 

Be in the ROTC room... Michael C. 

Be an animal rights activist... Shaylynn M. 

Always be a lax bro... JOSh C. 

Be reading the news... NiCk V. 

Be in love with his jeep... Jamie B. 

Give you hand sanitizer... Elise C. 

Own a hair and nail salon... Maria T. 

Trip up the stairs... Cassidy B. 

<^ III! 










TUiC4%stlKgHjsdimC(Ai BSA dukk - Kuk Cluh 








^(af) BfimdtiXk - 'bohbu 
^ GooiehuMtpi - ...Not... ' - [^omAAtoM, 
Pokmon Ccuuk ' Cabbage^ Pdtcl Ki<k - BahtjiCtt&a Ctuh 








^<> - ^ocJc'sM Bopt^m - L&goi - Ragfuid - AngHAj Beavm 


OS. Nm 

-Don't Ask Don't Tell policy is repealed 
-Casey Anthony is found innocent of killing her 3 year old 
daughter, Caylee 
-The 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks 
-Steve Jobs (creator of Apple) dies at the age of 56 
-Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State assistant football 
coach, was charged with 52 counts of crimes against 

-Joe Paterno former Penn State head coach was fired, and 
dies at the age of 85 
-The Occupy movement (Occupy Wall Street, Occupy 
Boston, etc.) 

-New York becomes the largest state to legalize same-sex 


-Proposition 8 (defined that marriage was between a man 
and a woman) was found to be unconstitutional 

-Adele sweeps the 54th annual Grammy's 
-"The Artist" wins Best Picture at the Oscars 
-Whitney Houston dies at 48 
-Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got divorced after 72 


-The Hunger Games movie was released 
-NBA lockout that lasted 161 days and reduced the season 
from 82 to 66 games 
-Katy Perry and Russel Brand got divorced 
-Beyonce and Jay-Z have a baby girl. Blue Ivy 
-Amy Winehouse dies at the age of 27 
-Andy Rooney dies at the age of 92 


-An Italian court overturned the murder convictions of 
Amanda Knox, an American woman who was accused of the 
murder by the Italian government 
-Muammar al-Gaddafi, dictator of Libya, died 
-Oussamma Bin Laden was killed by United States Navy 

-Boston Bruins beat the Canucks to win the Stanely Cup 

-Giants beat the Patriots in Superbowl XLVI 
-There was an unseasonably warm winter, with little snow 
-On October 51, their was a snow and ice storm that 
knocked out power and canceled school and postponed 

-Superintendent Dr. Maureen Lacroix retired, and Mr. Sills 

was hired as the new Superintendent 
-BHS start time was moved to 7:50 am, which pushed the 
end time to 2:50 pm 
-BHS winter sports teams dominated the DCL 
-Bobby Valentine replaces Terry Francona as Red Sox 

-Theo Epstein is replaced by Ben Charington as the Red Sox 

General IVIanager 
-The freshmen got iPads (something about everyone else) 
-The seniors didn't win best ensemble at the Tournament of 



Dre Beats 

"They are cool and better than 
other headphones." 

-Derek Pizarro 

Vera Bradley, 

"It's cute, convenient, and 
satisfies all of nnv needs. It's like 
the Batmobile of handbags." 
-Katie Luczai 


"They're cute, stylish, and so 

-Kristen Green 



They have great games and are 

really easy to use" 
-Evan Dombkowski 








I "They're comfortable. It's like 

i walking on clouds " 

I -Elliana Boebel 



like to wear them when it rains. 
They keep my feet dry" 
-Julie Hamilton 


Kiana McAuley Pomeroy 

Q. What are degus? 

A. They are small rodents that come from 
Chile. Degus look like a mix of a guinea pig 
and a hampster. 
Q. Where did you get them? 
A. I got them as a present from Shawsheen 
Gerbils for Christmas a few years ago. 
Q. How many do you have?| 
A. I have three and they are all named after 
characters from Bambi. ^^^^^^^^^^ 
Q. What do Degus eat?4HHBBBV 
A. They eat special degu pellets, and I also 
give them peanuts as treats. 

Q: How long have you had your great 

dane and parrof 

A: I've had nriy great dane for 8 years and 
my parrot for about a year. 
Q: Why did you decide to get a great 

Helen Kissel 


Q: Is there anything interesting about your cat? 
A: He has two paws on each leg 
Q: Where did you get your cat? 
A: The Boston MSPCA 

Q:Why does your cat have two paws on each 

A: He's a polydactyl cat which is a genetic 

Q: Are there any disadvantages to having a cat 
with 8 paws? 

A: No, His extra paws don't affect his life much 
Q; Why did you decide to get a cat? 
A: Because I love cats. 

Tessa Rosenberry 


Q: Where did you buy your rabbit?^ 
A: At a yard sale. 

Q: Is there anything interesting about your 

A: Yes, he is quite rambunctious and he eats a 

Q: Is there anything that he has eaten that is 

A: He once ate part of a vacuum cleaner and my 
biology textbook. 

Q: Why did you give your rabbit its own room? 
A: Well it was an empty guest room. We let him 
run around in it, and then he claimed it. 

1 Noah Dines 

1 Bees 

Q: Does it take much effort to care for bees? 
A: It depends. During faj^n^grir^j^es^u^TO^ 
winter and summer. 

Q:Approximatelv how many bees do you have" 
A: About 40,000 

Q:Are there any disadvantages/advantages to 
having bees? 

A: Yes, they sting a lot, but you do get a lot of 
honey and wax from them which is useful, 
Q: How do you feed them? 
A; The bees feed themselves 

Daniel Antonoff 

I first want to thank my family for supporting me 
throughout my time in Bedford schools and especially at 
BHS. They have always been behind me one hundred 
percent and continue to encourage me to reach my 
potential. Mom, Dad, and Nicki, you guys have been 
great to me and I could not have gotten this far without 
you I also want to thank my friends for always having 
my back, whether on the ice, on the field, or in the 
classroom. I cannot imagine trying to get through 
school without you guys. Lastly, I want to thank my 
teachers and coaches for helping me become who I am 
today. My teachers have not only taught me classroom 
content, but also important life lessons which I plan to 
use the rest of my life. My coaches have all helped me 
excel and I cannot thank them enough for giving me the 
opportunity to be successful. Everyone at BHS has been 
great to me and I could not have asked for a better high 
school experience. 

Mom, thanks for your constant love and giving me the 
work ethic I have today, I wouldn't be the person I am 
without you. Dad, thanks for always being there for me 
and teaching me so many important lessons Greg, 
thanks for all the fun times and awesome food! Thanks 
Jen for being a great stepmom and giving me a 
beautiful baby sister, love you Tori! Cabrielle and Miles- it 
was great growing up with you in the house Lauren, 
you're an awesome sister, thanks for always being there. 
My teammates- We've played together for years and 
were like brothers, I'll miss those Friday nights, thanks 
for all the hard work and good times. Thanks to my 
friends for everything, high school wouldn't have been 
bearable without you . Sam- 1 love you so much, we have 
so many amazing memories and we'll always be there 
for each other, thanks for making these the best years 
of my life! And to all of 2012- Thanks for the memories 
and good luck in the future! 

1-^ .1 

Sydney Arsenault 

MOM & DAD: I love you and thank you for always 

believing in me and pushing me to reach for the stars! I 
couldn't thank you enough DOTTIE You have inspired 
me to become a better person, you are the best sister 
anyone could ever ask for. CLAIRE. You are my second 
sister & my best friend- we've t)een through it all, thank 
you for always being there. HANNAH: You always made 
me laugh and gave me the best advice My GIRLS: 
Kristen, Alexa, Mellie, Shan, Mere, Danielle. Ailie, Julina. ; 
Elle, Marisa. HMillz: Thank you for giving me hours full of I 
laughter and the amazing times that defined high schoo 
I really couldn t have asked for better friends LEV & 
JAKE Thank you for the memories, you kept me happy 
when times went bad and always had my back BF CREW 
You made work so much fun and the hours flew by 
TENNIS & SKI TEAM: I love you guys! COACHES & 
TEACHERS: Thank you for everything and allowing me tc 
follow my dreams! 2012: WE DID IT! CONGRATS! 

Jonathan Banister 

MOM: Thank you for being my best friend, for picking 
me up when I was down, and for pushing me to be 
more I am happy that with you and me, 'the apple 
doesn't fall far from the tree.' DAD: Not once did you 
complain about driving me to my games, no matter how 
early in the morning they were, how hot, cold, rainy, or 
snowy It was I appreciate everything you've done and 
still do for me CJ: You have never gone a day without 
making me laugh I can never keep a straight face when 
you try to cheer me up with your corky ways Thanks 
for toughening me up young and tieing a competition 
for me FRIENDS Thanks for the countless memories 
that I will never forget. I love you alH SOCCER, 
and losses, smiles and tears, you were always there. I am 
going to miss you all so much SADIE: Ciao Bella' 
Congratulations Class of 2012 we've made every 
minute count 

Kristen Baratta 

Mom- Thank you for always being there and taking care 
of me. I have so much respect for you and all that you 
do. I Love you more than anything! Dad-You have given 
me the greatest advice that I will carry with me for the 
rest of my life. You're the best Dad a girl could have i 
love you! Kristina- Thanks for being my sister, friend, 
and role model. You have saved me from several fashion 
disasters. Love you! Michael- who dat?! Mike Barri I love 
our times together acting like weirdos. No one makes 
me laugh as much as you kid. You're a great brother I m 
so glad we're so close. Love you mike! Amy- You're my 
best friend! You have been there for me since we were 
little, I Love you Ames, My Girls- I'm so glad I found such 
a fun, goofy, loving group of friends like you guys I love 
you all so much! Thanks for always being there. 

Megan Barr 

Elizabeth Barry 

Thank you everyone for all of your love, support, and 
kindness through all these years First and foremost, 
thank you Mom and Dad You are the best parents 
anyone could ask fori I love you! You have always been 
there for me and helped me when i needed it You 
taught me to always have faith and to be a good 
person Timmy. you are a great older brother and a 
good role model for me And definitely the funny 
brother! Vick, you have always been, and always will be, 
my best friend We are like twins, especially with our 
sister telepathy Greg, you will always be my adorable 
little brother and always make me smile Thanks guys! To 
all my friends, thanks for all the great laughs and 
memories' I wish you all the best of luck' Thank you to 
all my coaches and teammates Also, thank you to all my 
teachers who have helped me get to where I am now 'A 
friendly look, a kindly smile, one good act, and life's 

Emily: "to live without love is to not live at all." You've 
made my life worth living. Fearsome Five: "fnends are 
like stars, you can't always see them but they're always 
there " Even when we're apart I still giggle to myself 
about all of our good times. BFFL: "perhaps a lunatic is a 
minority of one." Or perhaps two in our case. Friends: 
"you are the nutella to my spoon." You guys all complete 
me One final thought in the words of Dr. Seuss: 'be who 
you are and say what you mean because those who 
matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter." 

Cassidy Bayen 

I want to thank my mom and dad, because I wouldn't be 
here with out them To my brothers., aka sisters & Jeej , 
I love you guys so much and I wouldn't be who l am 
today with out you or any of my family Amiben- your 
HILARIOUS! Dee- 1 love your pancakes Jeej- 'Shivu dance'' 
I'll always be the entertainer' To my loves: Naki, Alexa, 
Carina, Elise, Helen, Katie &Talia. thank you for being in 
my life and being the best friends I've ever had. You 
guys are my second family, I love you all so much. Team 
FSU: Mama Shiv loves you! I am never going to forget all 
the nights we've spent together at my house, making 
jell-o, watching stupid scary movies, or trying to all 
prank each other To my dance girls: you guys make me 
love dancing more and more everyday! Thank you 
everyone at BHS, all my friends and teachers that made 
my high school years amazing. 

Shivani Bharat 


This year for my senior thanks I would like to thank my 
mom and dad for getting me where I am in life right 
now and I would also like to thank Mr, Dechellis for 
helping me through my short high school years at 
Bedford High School, And I would like to especially thank 
Ms,Cisone for helping with everything like reading my 
first book front to back haha and Mr M for always 
bringing me back to class and my friends just for being 

Chelsey Bisson 

Sarita Biswas 

Thanks to everyone at BHS! Family- thanks for putting 
up with me and supporting me in school, sports and 
everything else, Fnends- thank you for all the good 
times we've had over the past four years Soccer girls- 
thanks for pasta dinners, feathers, touches, and making 
the box/gates bearable Up upi Tennis girls- thank you 
for LLECZ, pretending to run, going to BF everyday 
instead of actually playing, and giving me something to 
look forward to every March, I love you all and will never 
forget the quad/pentagon, Hfairz kidzzz- thanks for 
spending Fnday nights with me eating Chinese 
food/leftover easter candy and researching Ruby while 
listening to twsift And thanks for putting up with my 
freak-outs when weebly stalled and my weird noises 
Teachers- thank you for all the encouragement and help 
throughout the years and finally, thanks to the class of 
201 2 for making high school more fun! Congrats! 

WE MADE IT 2012! Congrats to all seniors. It's been an 
incredible journey, I want to thank everyone at BHS for 
putting time into helping me achieve my goals. Mom & 
Dad, no words can be said to give the appreciation you 
both deserve for your sacrifices, support, and 
unconditional love, I am forever grateful for everything 
you've both done and for the strength you've shown 
over the years, I love you up to the sky & back again, Ali- 
thank you for your guidance over the years. Josh-keep 
working hard, you'll go far. Luke-you are such a peanut 
gallery. Aunt Nan & Aunt Martha- you've always been my 
role models. My Girls- Thank you so much for always 
being there for me, I'll never forget the amazing 
memories throughout the years, JB-you make me 
happier than I thought possible, I'll always love you. To 
the class of 2012: "Wherever you go, go with all of your 
heart," Good luck everyone, love you all. 

It s been good BHS. Thanks to everyone for making it 
such an interesting ride. Shout out to my dudes in the 
MA, the classic group on the porch, and all those who 
represent 2012. Peace out and live great lives 

Samantha Blakeley 

Cameron Bochman 

Marina Boebel 

Mum & Dad: You have done so much for me. Without a 
doubt I would not be the person, or athlete, I am today 
without you guys constantly pushing me to be the best I 
can be Mum, thanks to you, I always had the best lunch. 
Thanks, and I love you both, Elliana (Ellillama) & Kayla: 
Thank you both for listening/putting up with my 
nonstop talking. Bam & Papa: You have been my biggest 
fans, and have believed in me every step of the way I 
love you both so much. Friends: Even though I usually 
joke around saying I have no friends, I would not have 
been able to get through these four years without you 
guys Mrs. Santos & Mrs. Allen: Thanks for believing in 
me, and letting me hang out in the language lab when I 
needed a break from class. Yearbook camp yerds: You're 
the cat's pajamas, the bee's knees, and that's how Sue 
C's it' Soccer/Softball girls: You all have made these four 
years so much easier and way more enjoyable! 'Elliana 
asiana, Marina is a goalie, Kayla does ROTC, Mrs. Boebel 
does arts and crafts" 

If there is one thing I learned from being in High School 
for four years, it was to live in the moment, and not 
take anything for granted. It seems like it was yesterday 
that I was walking into this huge school as a freshman 
and not knowing what the teachers, students, or the 
classes were going to be like. Those four years feel like a 
blur in my head because they went by so fast. It was the 
people involved that made school, as boring as it usually 
" IS, fun, I just want to thank my mom and dad for being 
there when I needed you most, you helped me with so 
much, words cannot describe my gratitude towards you 
two, I also want to thank my friends, without you, I 
would've gone crazy Thank you to everyone I missed 
You guys are incredible. Just be you. And don't change 
for anybody. 

Thonnas Bojorcas 

Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with me. Thank you 
Hannah for writing notes on all of my papers. Thank you 
Haley for watching Grey's Anatomy with me. Thanks to all 
my friends for putting up with me and embracing my 
sarcasm Also thank you to Danny for putting up with me, 
and thank you for always being there for me. And thank 
you to my wonderful cousin Jackie; I love you to the moon 
and back. 

Meredith Brady 

MOM - I would like to thank you for everything you have 
done for me throughout high school From helping me 
with my projects to keeping all my soccer uniforms clean 
You were always there for me when I needed you and I 
knew I could always talk to you about anything DAD - 
Thank you for all your encouragement and support I 
knew I could always count on you to be at my sports 
games cheering me on MATT - Even though we had our 
moments, I would like to thank you for always being there 
for me I know I can always go to you for advice and I am 
grateful for all your support SOCCER GIRLS - 1 had so 
much fun with all of you these past four seasons 
DANIELLE - We have been best friends since freshman 
year I always knew I could talk to you about anything 
Thanks for always being there THE CREW 
(KB,DH,MB,SD.CM,SA,HO,BN) - We have had so many good 
times together I m going to miss you all! 

Alexandria Capozza 


Bab(f PleUtm and Smio'v Tluuih 

Nicholas Cebry 

Twelve years of schooling, and If it were not for my 
parents I do not know where I would be. Their support 
and discipline has motivated nne to reach for the sky and 
fly. literally, and taught me anything Is possible My 
sister has helped me through the tough times with my 
parents and school. Her Interest in what I do Is truly 
inspiring, and anything but success would be letting her 
down. Anytime in between family and aviation. I spent 
with friends, I could always trust Talla and Watson and I 
will forever love them for all they have done for me! 
Thanks to all my high school instructors for preparing 
me for college and providing me assistance with 
academics. Being the oldest in my family. I had no 
siblings to ask. Finally, my Flight Instructor. Tim Nelson 
for introducing me to aviation in a fun and exciting 

Mom, Dad, and Kate, thanks for the clean laundry, 
homework help. Ice cream and gas money (and a few 
other things . I, Kate, may I please have my puzzle pieces 
back now? Thanks for the Amazing Race. Kathy Mr 
Felker and my fellow Band Geeks (especially Sarahl. 
thanks for the music. Team 2621. thanks for the 
Lunacy. Whale Songs, and pizza, BHS Science Dept. and 
particularly Mr Zahka. I appreciate your greatness, NHD 
was a trip, thanks, I will treasure many stellar memories 
of teachers, friends and teammates at BHS. 'It's 
something unpredictable but in the end it's right, I hope 
you had the time of your life," 

Kirk Choquette 

Yongyi Chen 

I wanted to start with high school teachers, but i realized 
that It IS the my experiences when I am young that shape 
me the most I have no idea what kind of person i wolM 
have been had it not been for Mrs Dorer who recognizee 
my talents and encouraged me through elementary 
school, for Mr DeWeerd who kindly gave uo tmne to tuti 
me in clever ways of thinking about mattiematics. and f( 
Ms Rainen who gave me ttie oooortunitv to comoete m 
challenging math contests and taught me advanced math 
during middle school I also owe my gratitude to Mr 
McCowan who gave up countless hours of his time tc 
proctor me in various math contests (and his Oreo 
cookies'l And finally, a very special thanks to Mr Niven 
because just as i was about to leave high school bedevngi 
that English was just a 'school subject.' he showed me 
the power of English literature and encouraged creativitv 
in everyone s wnting It takes a kDt to transform a 'math 
geek' like thati 

Over my four years at Bedford High School i have had a 
lot of fun and accomplished my goals academicallv First 
I d like to say thank you to my nrxDther Thank you for 
raising me and my brother by yourself Thank you for 
helping with my lEP and keeping me on track, thank you 
for making me who I am today Thank you Ms Sav for 
teaching nrie about my lEP. making me wnte 'Think 
Writes' and learning study strategies Thank you 
for helping me to beconne a t)etter student Thank you 
Mr Dricoll for all of your help m LC. Mr Berlino for betng 
my English teacher and helping nne become a 
sophisticated wnter Thank you Ms HaluDOwski for 
helping with my college applications Thank you to the 
seniors who have played football with nne from seventh 
to twelfth grade I made a lot of memories and had a lot 
of fun playing We have grown up together Thank you 
Coach Belcher. I woukj not have wanted anyone else to 
be my coach. 

Sean Clasby 

Elise Clerkin 

Congratulations 2012 !" MOMMY: Thank you for always 
being there for me! You are not only my mother, you 
are my best friend' I Love You with all my heart DADDY 
Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement that 
you have given to me to help me become who I am 
today I Love You, ANNA Thank you for always making 
me laugh at the quirky things we do as sisters! I Love 
You, SIS, HELEN, KATIE, SHIVANI, TALIA: We have known 
each other for most of our lives and our friendship 
compares to no other Thank you for all the crazy, fun 
times we have had together and for always being there 
for me I Love You, girlies' LAWRENCE Thank you for not 
only being my boyfriend, but my best friend Our 
relationship gets stronger everyday and I will always 
cherish the memories we have together I will always 
GIRLS, and BHS: Thank you for making my journey 
through high school a fun and amazing experience! 

Aryn Colonero 

Mom. you have given so much to me - 1 wi never be 
able to express my fervent gratitude Dad, w^(etfler it be 
my rock, or my humorist you were always ttiere for me 
You are exceptional Eileen, where to t)egin'' Where 
would I be without you' I am proud to call you my Best 
Fnend, you have left ttie nnost profourxJ impact on me 
To all my fnends - 1 quote Tracy Chapman, 'Although 
I ve traveled far, i always hold a place for you in nnv 
heart ' Nick, Sarah, Jeannine, Tessa, Zeina & Oeto. 
Dancetime girls. Marching Band, Musical, TOP, Class of 
2012. 1 will truly miss al of you You all have made my 
life that much more interesting, and my time with you 
has been incredible NOBODY SLEEPS DURING KWANZA' 
(Oh. and thanks to aU my fnefvSs who have graduated 
already and will protiablv never see this ) To all my 
teachers, i thank you Hx ushenng forth ttie knowledge i 
was so eagerty seeking; my future would be nothing 
with out you all 

Thank you to everyone I've come across, you've made 
me who I am today. Thanks to all the adults I've known, 
for showing me the way. Thank you Mom and Dad, for 
love, support, and how to live. Thanks to Laura too, for 
countless good times and the fun things we did. Thank 
you to a special someone, like no one else you've cared 
for me. Thanks to the team, so many experiences, like a 
second family. Thank you to my fantastic friends, great 
help and happiness from you all. Thanks for the hilarious 
fun, whether you're hairy or you're tall. Thank you to a 
few who are distant, special and always there even whe 
you're far. Thanks BHS, and good luck to all! 

Matthew Coughlin 

'There can be no transforming of darkness into light and 
of apathy into movement without emotion' C C Jung 
First find It crucial to Thank whatever caused our bemg 
My life alone is something I need to thank and put great 
respect towards For its existence and all the people m our 
world who make life a beautiful allusion I need to thank 
my Mother for guiding me through this mystical maze we 
call life, and owe my full endeavor to her by returning ttie 
energy she has given me, into others, my fattier for 
standing as my role model, a person who I deeply revere 
and will love past this life I thank my brother Tyler for 
not just teaching me how to walk as an infant, but how to >i 
walk the path of life undeterred, and happy My sis who 
has inspired a more profound complexity to my life that 
will never diminish 'Grow insidiously towards your trvie 
self, and there will be no true darkness ' 

Kyle Cummings 


I would like to thank the people at this school for 
nurturing my education from a freshman to a senior and 
my supportive family and friends who have helped me 
through the four years at Bedford High School, 

I'm going to keep this short. I would like to thank the 
school and all my friends. Most importantly I would like 
to thank my family. 

Chames Cyphers 

Robert Daley 

Four years disappeared. Now I have a plethora of people 
to thank for all my accomplishments. I would like to 
thank Cod for being by my side, guiding and blessing me 
with everything that makes me who I am and where I'm 
going in life. I would also like to thank my family. I have 
the greatest parents and sister a kid could ever ask for 
They're there for me no matter what, even if I don't 
always make the best decisions and I know I can always 
count on them. I also thank my friends Alyssa, the 
Shoulder that soaked up my tears, Natasha, the one that 
always made me laugh, Tenzin, the best listener, Ryan, 
the one that I could tell literally anything to and you'd 
still be there; and everyone else just for being in my life 
because no matter how small, you've impacted me 
Lastly, I thank my teachers and Mr. Dechellis, the best 
guidance counselor there is, for never giving up on me 
Thank you to everyone! I love you. 

My four years at BHS have defiantly been an adventure 
that I will never forget. I would like to take the time to 
thank some of the people who have been there for me, 
my mom, rob , and my brother Bryan. My friends holly, 
and Melinda, and my teacher Ms. Leshay, Ms, Halupowski, 
and Ms Savanno, and all my other friend and teachers 
and family without you all I would never have made it to 
where I am today. 

Christina Deang 

Shannon Dennis 

Vanessa Desiato 

To my parents, thanks for supporting me throughout high 
school and always being at everything from my games, to 
prom pictures, to home To Raleigh, Tracey, Travis, Alii, & 
Sara, thank you for teaching me everything I know and 
always being there when I needed you. To Bhana, Ben, 
Matt, Lev, Jillian, Caroline, and everyone else who has been 
there in my life, thanks for all the good times we had and 
making Bedford my home. To the cheer girls, thanks for 
being the best teams/ second family I could ask for. You 
guys are the reason I loved coming to practice so much. 
Thank you for our unforgettable seasons. To Mr. Stief and 
Mr. Rose, I wouldn't have made it through high school 
without you guys. Thank you for always listening to me, 
keeping me sane, and always having your doors open, I 
love you all. "To be yourself in a world that is constantly 
trying to make you something else is the greatest 
accomplishment. " Ralph Waldo Emerson Congratulations 
Bedford High School Class of 2012! 

Noah Dines 

Mom and Dad, somehow I made it here, so thank you. 
You have helped me even when I was a problem child. 
Bubbe and Papa you are always there for me and I have 
learned so much from you. Gramma you have helped me 
incredibly with my school work and life knowledge. Kid 
Sister Ananna, you are going to turn out very well. To 
everybody that is my friend, I really enjoy your 
company. Ms. Ciusti, thank you so much for getting me 
through high school. Ez, history fair and all those 
projects plus a little disc thrown in, we can't lose. Todah 
Rabah Diller ani ohev otchem. The courtyard, you taught 
me to love urban agriculture and gave me an escape 
from classes. My bees, from you I have learned 
responsibility and hard work, even though you are 
literally a pain in the butt sometimes Nikita Khrushchev, 
from you I learned how to do really good work To rock 
and roll music, you have always been there for me. My 
helmet, you saved me 

MOM & DAD- Thank you for always being there for me 
and supporting me. From having dinner ready for me 
after work, coming to all of my lacrosse games, and 
always wanting the best for me. I love you so much. 
MICHAEL- thank you for being the best big brother 
Although we may not always get along, I know that you 
will always protect me and stand up for me. 
COACHES/TEACHERS- thank you for inspiring me to be 
the best that I can be. LAX CIRLS- thank you for playing 
as one and being awesome teammates BF CREW- thank 
you for always making me laugh and making each shift 
fun. FRIENDS- You know who you are. I love you all so 
much. Thank you for always being there for me and 
making me laugh until I cry We have had so many good 
times together and memories that will last forever, 
2012- We have completed this journey together. As we 
go our separate ways I thank all of you for making each 
day of high school interesting. 


Shannon Dirrane 

There are just so many things I want to say but I'm just 
going to start with thanking my family. Mom, thanks for 
always being there for me, helping me get through all the 
tough times that came my way throughout the years, you 
always knew what to do. I knew I could always tell you 
anything and you always told me I could do anything I set 
my mind to. Dad, you were always the person I came to 
talk about things that were making me mad because you 
had your own funny way of making me feel better Alicia, 
we have had so many first days of school together over 
the years and it's upsetting I'm going to be missing one of 
your biggest first days ever, and I know we have had our 
ups and downs but I just want to say thanks for always 
looking out for me and having my back. Elizabeth, you're 
so funny just having you around makes everything so 
much more enjoyable Friends and Teammates, we have 
had so many laughs there's just too many to share so I 
just want to say thanks for always being there for me and 
never letting me get too hard on myself and for never 
letting me quit when the going got tough. THANKS BHS! 

Kerry Donahue 


Nicholas Falzone 

First and foremost, I would like to thank my parents. 
Thank you Mom and Dad for always being there to help, 
and for all that you have taught me. Both of you have 
been so awesome throughout high school and childhood. 
Thank you for helping me become the person I am 
today. Little Michael, where do I even start' You always 
seemed to be a part of everything my friends and I did, 
and we had some really fun times. Katie, you're nuts. 
Thank you for being so entertaining all of the time To 
the Tiano family, I couldn't possibly thank you guys 
enough for all of the times that we've had whether it 
was at the Cape or skiing at Loon. I'd also like to thank 
Coach McCrath and Coach Belcher for teaching me the 
game of football and all of the values that come along 
with it. Last but not least I would like to thank all of my 
friends for making High School as fun as it was. 

It felt like it was just yesterday that it was the beginning 
of freshman year And now I'm a senior getting ready to 
graduate, the time does go fast And in those very short 
years I just want to say thanks to all my teachers, 
friends, and family for believing in me!l 

Bruce Fernandez 

Porch crew or the J crew, the Trifecta is the best. 
Bobby Taggart, you're hilarious I can always joke 
around with you, and know in the end, you got my 
back. Even if you say, "I don't have your back Sequoya", 
Drewski Babe, Our bro talks, giggles, and mini fights will 
live in infamy. "I'll chill with you anytime man'. Conor, 
you are my dude, you know that. And if you ever need 
a wingman. I got your back. Dora is all I got to say man. 
'Kick a beat". Anthony, you've been like a brother to 
me. We've been through a ton man, and without the 
genius Mr. Niven, we wouldn't be high on life. "Let's go' 
Last, Mom, I love you, no matter what has happened 
between us. I know it has been hard to raise me, but 
I'm glad it was you that did. Thank you. Want to chill' 
I'll be 'Out on the porch'.. 


Thank you Mom for always being there for me I 
wouldn't have been able to make it this far without you 
I would also like to thank the rest of my family Thank 
you Juiina for being the best girlfriend I could ask for. 
We have had so many good times together, and high 
school wouldn't have been the same without you Thank 
you Josh, Evan, and Abby, hanging out with you guys 
has always been a great time And finally, thank you 
Class of 2012 for making high school so much fun. 

Sequoya Fox Tree McCrath 


Joshua Franklin 

Patrick Fraizer 

I would like to start off by thanking my parents who 
have turned me into the person I am today Mom and 
Dad, I would not have gotten this far without you I have 
learned so much from you both To Steve, thanks for 
being there for me through all the good times. Brit, 
thank you for being the best sister I could possibly have. 
I would also like to thank two very important teachers, 
Mrs. Blake and Mr Rose, Both of you have pushed me in 
the right direction and have been great mentors 
through my four years of high school. You have really 
made my high school experience so memorable and for 
that I am very grateful Finally to all of my friends, you 
know who you are Each of you have helped me through 
high school in different ways. It gives me great comfort 
knowing that all of you are always there for me You all 
have truly made a difference in my life and you will not 
be forgotteni 

Alexandra Ciglio 

Thank You & Crazie Mom & Dad- for being the two 
people that have always held me up no matter what 
happens ti amo Nick- for those morning car rides my 
soph & junior year & for agreeing that The Lion King is 
the best movie hands down vivi e lascia vivere Watson- 
for being the sister that I never had & for all the things 
we have in common sorella Picciuto/Watson fam - for 
being my other family, for taking me on adventures. & 
for showing me that family comes first always fiducla. 
Soccer Team- for playing together for 10-^ years & for 
the support we have always given each other 'I am a 
member of a team ' credere Swim Team- for being my 
BIG family & Mr Rose & Ms Blake for being the parents 
forza e onore Friends- for the crazy things that we 
have done together, I will forever remember these 
times I love you all so much & I wish you all the best as 
we go forward la bella vita. 

Throughout my four years of high school, I have 
endured a lot from school to sports. Though those 
years can be tough I've had wonderful support from 
many people. First I thank my mother and father along 
with my brothers for all of your love and 
encouragement. Next, I thank my friends for their 
loyalty. Finally, I thank my teachers, especially Mrs, Guish 
for the guidance she has given me. I thank all of you 
very much for your encouragement and support 
throughout my high school years and wish you all the 


Lillian Coldschmidt 

Mama & Daddy- For always being there for me no 
matter what and being the best parents anyone could 
ask for, love you' Stephanie- For being there for me 
through thick and thin and always being there for me 
when I've needed somebody to talk to. Aubrey- For 
being the one person I can trust with anything and being 
the best friend anyone could ask for, I love you J My 
Girls- ET, JR. SH. TL. ER- Through the ups and downs. I 
know all of you will always have my back no matter 
what. Thank you for making the past 4 years the best 
so far. I'll never forget them. I love you all so much The 
Boys- AT. BH. SFTM. BT. CM. AL. JB- For being some of 
the craziest people I know and getting me to do things I 
never thought I'd ever do All of you have been there 
for me in some way when I needed it and I thank you 
for that. I love you guys so much 

Samantha Good 

I would first like to thank my parents. Mom and Dad, you 
have been so helpful and supportive for the past 18 
years, I could not have made it this far without you. 
Thanks Annie and Elle for always being supportive 
sisters. Thank you to every teacher and coach that I've 
had these past four years. Thank you to all my friends. I 
don't know how I would have made it through high 
school without all you guys, I had a ton of fun with all of 
you, and made so many memories. Thank you class of 

Joshua Goodman 

Eileen Goodrich 

'So long, and thanks for all the fish ' Mom and Dad- Thank 
you for everything. Thank you for putting up with all my 
crazy schemes, for being honest with me, and for 
teaching me to appreciate a different (and often more 
satirical) way of life, I love you both very much Aryn- For 
the past 1 2 years, you've always been there for me. You 
are an amazing person and friend, and I'm glad that we've 
gotten to grow up together. Now that we're going off to 
the "real world" I hope I can still always count on you being 
there. To all of my friends and friendly acquaintances, you 
guys are excellent and my life would probably be a lot less 
fun, crazy, and interesting without you all (Shout out to 
Amanda, Justin, Victoria, Sarah, Tessa, Ryan, Kyle, Thstan, 
Richard, Jessuly, Nick, and Kaitlyn,) David- Buh, Louff yu! To 
all of my teachers, mentors, and coaches, thank you for 
putting up with me, for teaching, and often inspiring me. 
And to Bedford, thanks and goodbye 

You are appreciated 
I appreciate how you raised me, and all the love that you 
gave me. 

To keep me happy there's no limit to the things you did; 
all my childhood memories are filled with the sweet 
things you did 
Being a single mother trying to raise a man is not easy; 
so tell me how you made it look so easy? 

There is no way I can pay you back! 
My plan is to show you that I understand! 
There is no woman alive that can take your place! 
You are appreciated. 

Lawrence Gonzalez 

Mom- Thanks for everything. You've done so much for 
me throughout the years so thank you Litch- 
NH/camelot, the garage, every weekend freshman year 
chillin at your house. Tags- Red Sox, summer at Burdges, 
luchador. Wong- Everything about the MA, living at your 
house, bros. Soy- The porch, Frank, spittin in the Matrix, 
Tony- Freshman English, you're and Soy's second home, 
"chase". Bochs- Crazy legs, car crash Bukiit- Rapping at 
KC's, Dora. Jcrew -^ SammiC/Erin- Zo Jolly, 11:11, the 
after show of junior prom, Elle- Not just the rides, 
humina hoi, you've helped me out a lot throughout the 
years, thank you for always being there MA- Jimmer, 
Pierre, Treehouse, the spot, the ridge, the cave, 
Gordon's rice, MINI BBALL JMac- You have to be in here, 
you named me Murph, Everyone else, I didn't forget 
you guys. From Saint Pauls (or Davis) to the end of high 
school, I wouldn't want to graduate in any other class 
other than 20 „,12i Thanks Seniors! 


Robert Hartwell 

Beth He 

I can't believe it's time to write my senior thanks First, I 
would like to thank you MOM, You are my best friend 
and I know that no matter where life takes me I will 
always have you. I would like to thank the Scharff family 
for being my second home, you all mean the world to 
me; I love you four Ms Halupowski— thank you for 
always being there for me You made me believe in 
myself Thank you for being my mentor through these 
past four years, I will deeply miss you next year To my 
teachers, thank you for challenging me, inspiring me, 
and encouraging me. All of you are a huge part of the 
young woman I have become and I will never forget you 
all, I will miss you guys Let's keep in touchi To my 
friends: you all have become my extended family and 
you will always have a special place in my heart. My 
history fair girls: I love you' No matter what happened, 
we rocked. Thank you for all the good times BHS! 

To everyone who has been there for me through the 
past four years, I can't thank you enough Family, friends 
- you know who you are and all that you have done for 
me Trying to elaborate beyond this simply wouldn't do 
you justice - thank you. It's been a fast four years in 
high school and a murky blur of years leading up to it All 
of that has now come to a close and the next chapter in 
my life is just beginning. As I continue my journey I can 
reflect on my recent years of high school and all the 
lessons you have instilled upon me. Thanks, 

Jack Heimann 

I would like to thank my family. Mom, you have helped 
me SO much throughout my years and supported me 
through EVERYTHING and always have been there for 
me no matter what. Dad, thank you for giving me such 
great advice and telling me I can always do what I want 
to do, Nicolle, you are the best sister ever and I can't 
imagine my life without you there to support me, 
Gregory, my baby brother I don't know what I am going 
to do without you next year- thanks for everything I 
love you all. My friends AC, KB, S,D, M B, S,A, CM, H R, 
J,N. J R thank you guys for all of the laughs, I don't know 
what I would do without you guys love you Mrs Gisone, 
I can honestly say I don't know what I would do without 
you in high school but I guess it's time to start 
"weaning" away from you. Thanks for everything you 
have done for me! BF crew. I love you girls. Thank you 
class of 2012, 

Danielle Hickox 

Mom, Dad and Colin, thank you for everything Mom 
thank you for being my best friend I know I can always 
come to you no matter what. Dad: thank you for always 
encouraging me and telling me I can do anything (& 
thanks for Ig, I don't know what 1 would do without it) 
Colin thank you for being the best brother I could have 
asked for Thanks to my field hockey girls-love you all 
Thanks to Mrs Billouin for making basketball cheering 
awesome Thank you to all of the great teachers at BHS, 
especially Mrs Billouin. Ms. Ferro, Mr Lew, Mr Lee (I miss 
you) Lastly, thank you to all my friends Tay. Elle. SamC 
Julia. Samh Thank you for making me laugh till I cry. an,: 
for ALWAYS being there for me You guys have made 
these four years so memorable and crazy We re going 
to stay friends forever Thanks to the entire class of 
2012, vou made my high school years amazing 

Erin Hurley 


"Every ending is a new beginning" MOM + DAD - It was 
your support and love that made me the person I am 
today. Thank you for always being there for me and 
believing in me throughout the years I love you JOHN + 
KAYLA - Thank you for all the family fun and crazlness, I 
know we'll always have each other. BD, LP, EH, JR, TDLP. 
SC. MS, TL. ET, EM, MC, KP, BB, AA. JR, AB, RC, JC, CM, 
AT, JM, SF, AL, BH, BT - For making all the good times 
unforgettable and the bad times bearable Congrats 
2012 we did iti 

Samantha Hussey 

Sarah Iwany 

Thanks to everyone who made BHS enjoyable. Mom and 
Dad: for giving me so much freedom and being great 
The Little People; for always making me laugh to the 
point of tears, pillow pets, bubbles, chalk, STDs, Mean 
Cirls, the phonics song, and for always being there. 
Friends, especially the older ones: for everything. Fun 
times and new experiences lan: our story. Conor: phone 
calls, Nick being a nerd XC kids: for making me run. 
Stage crew: for trusting me to operate power tools. 
Tech crew: for singing and dancing along to the musicals 
with me Belize people walk away from bullies Music 
"oartment: for letting me learn and grow as a musician. 
: ianks to the pep band for bringing me into music and 
the other bands for keeping me with it All the teachers 
that welcomed me into their classrooms and were 
generally awesome, particularly NIven. Felker, Sheinfeld, 
Faulkner. Criffin. and Morrison. Also Nash Ken Lord and 
the computer department: for putting up with my antics 
and penguins Nobody sleeps during Kwanzaa DFTBA. 

Mom & Dad- for always standing by me. even when I'm 
impossible, for believing in me and giving me the 
freedom to make mistakes, and for loving me 
unconditionally. Everything I have accomplished, I owe to 
you. I love you so much. Kevin & Matt- for being the 
best brothers ever. Without you. family parties and 
Dad's cleaning sprees would have been unbearable I love 
you guys!!! Colleen & Adrienne- for being my best friends 
in the world, for sharing my awkward sense of humor 
and for being my bros for life. Beth- thanks for getting 
me when no one else does, and for being exactly like me 
in so many ways! All my other friends- thanks for the 
good times, the memories, and the laughs You made 
high school so much fun. I love you alP My teachers- for 
all of your hard work and dedication, I am so grateful! 

Kerry Juidge 

Although the list is much too long, I need to thank these 
people that have been there for me during my years as 
a Bedford High Student. My awesome teachers, my 
resourceful parents, the helpful Bedford High Staff, my 
amazing friends, and my spectacular guidance counselor 
and much more all helped me get through these years. 
A special thanks to the teachers that wrote my college 
recommendations, it really means a lot! Thanks to the 
Bedford High School Air Force Junior ROTC instructors 
Captain Carson, and Chief Edris, and cadets for making 
my experience at Bedford High worthwhile The 
Bedford High marching band has made my past four 
years of high school excellent Thanks to Mr. Felker and 
marching band staff for a great four years of my life 
And last but not least, thanks BHS Class of 2012: you 
have made my time here in Bedford High School beyond 

Areen Kalantari 

I would like to thank my family. Mom and Dad you two 
have always been here for me. Harry, I wish you good 
luck with school the next few years. My friends, you 
guys have always been there for me. 

Timotliy Keohan 

Zana Khoury 

'You don't have limits unless you think you do ' So many 
people have influenced me and helped me grow into the 
person I am today Thank you to all of my wonderful 
teachers, you guys have inspired me in so many ways 
To everyone in marching band- 1 LOVE YOU GUYS Thanks 
for being the best family I could have ever asked for 
Dela.l love you so much and I can't even explain the 
impact our friendship has made on my life David, you 
always make me want to be the best I can be and your 
smile alone is enough to brighten my day Areen. you're 
so middle-eastern and I love it. Aryn. I'm glad that we 
became such close friends and I love all the random 
times we ve had together Chris. I know we fight, but 
we've been through everything together and I II always 
be there for you, bro Mommy, there aren't enough 
words to express how much I appreciate everything that 
you have done for me for my entire lifel 

Mom & Dad. you both have always supported me with 
everything I've done and never given up on me. You are 
the two strongest people, you work so hard to give us 
all you can. I honestly don't think I could thank you 
enough for pushing me to graduate. Ally, my big sissy, 
even though we've had our fights, you're the one 
person I know will always be there for me no matter 
what. C & M. my babies, I love youuu, Ms C. & dales, 
thank you for always pushing me to do the right things 
If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't have made it this 
far. The Wynters, you're like a second family Thank you 
for always guiding me in the right direction AR, DL, JM, 
AB, TK, ES & all my other girls, I'm going to miss you all 
so much and all the times we've had together. You 
made my high school years so much fun. Lastly, my 
cheerleaders, we've grown into a family and I'm going to 
miss the bond we have " 

Briana Kilduff 

First of all thank you Mum and Dad for always believing I 
can do anything and for putting up with my crazy 
schedule all these years. Thanks to all my amazing 
teachers, especially Mr. Sunderland, Mrs, Heldman, Mrs, 
Leshay and Mr Niven, for inspiring me and pushing me 
to be my best To all my amazing friends, especially my 
H-Fair sisters & bio buddies (good times Barry), thank 
you for making school so much more fun. To FSU thanks 
for some of my best memories. I love you guys. To the 
best friends I could ever have, Elise, Katie. Shivani and 
Talia, I wouldn t be the person I am today without you. i 
can t thank you enough for always being there for me 
and keeping me sane. Even though we are all going our 
separate ways I know we will still be having crazy dance 
parties together 50 years from now To all the XC and 
Dance girls, and everyone I ran out of room to thank, 
thanks for all the good times, I love you all. 

Helen Kissel 


Ridhima Kolla 

Where do l begin' I started on this journey of a huge 
adjustment of my whole life and I am better for it First 
and foremost, Mom, thanks for everything. I know I 
learned a lot and know you helped me prepare for my 
future You're always there to give great advice, make 
delicious food, go shopping, or just listen. You are truly 
the best and cool mom Thanks for always being there 
for me and for being yourself. Dad, thanks for believing 
in me Your support have gotten me through a lot. 
Shashidhar, thanks for encouraging me to do the right 
thing and to do what I wanted to Your advice have 
cleared up a lot of confusion. Our History projects are 
something that I will never forget. Mainly, I made best 
friends Thank you to all the teachers that supported 
and helped me whenever I needed it, especially my art 
teachers. I thank everyone that has ever come close to 
me for all the support, insights, and help you all have 
given me. 

First. I d like to thank my Darents for sucoortmg me 
during each step of my tong xxjrnev vour support has 
been unceasing, and it means the wortd to me rd also 
like to thank my sister. Kristen. for be»ig one of the 
best friends I could ever have Next. I would Ute to thar* 
my uncles. Carson and Andrew, my aunts. Grace and 
Tanni. and my grandparents for a> the ksve you ve 
shown me and the support you ve gwen me through al 
these years And thanks for my history far group for 
putting up with Jack and me wtien we deleted a whole 
page off our wetisite. and Mike. I forgn« vou for almost 
destroying the whole website wtien you deleted the 
HTML coding It was an amazing experience, arxl the 
hours we spent freaking out over our word cotnt was 
definitely worth it I've had a great time here. arxJ n 
miss you all Peace out BHS 

James Kuo 

I wouldn't have come this far without certain people in 
my life. Mum and Dad, thank you for always being there 
for me, pushing me to do things that I didn't want to do 
(but were worth it in the end), and making me who I am 
today. Mum - you're always going to be my Mum, but 
also my best friend. I appreciate all the things you do for 
Brennan & me, you should be proud of how you raised 
us, because you did an amazing job Brennan, we used to 
butt heads but now look at us. We share some amazing 
yet dangerous times Play fighting after dinner, picking 
me upside down, unnecessary comments, scaring Dad 
when he walks around a corner, whipping Mum with a 
towel . the whole nine yards. The memories just keep 
getting better Ms. Sav, freshman year, I was difficult 
You put up with me though, handled it better than I 
would. You have helped me through the obstacles that 
school brought, and I have always felt like I could talk & 
open up to you. 

Casey LaCrassa 

Mom and Dad - Without you both, i wouldn't be where i 
am today You are the two most amazing people I have 
ever met and thank you so much for everything you ve 
ever done for me and given me I love you both very 
muchi Jake, Jon, and Walter - I love you three with all 
my heart Thank you for everything, I'm so lucky to have 
rill of you, Elle - you've been my best friend since 
freshman year and I don't know what I'd do if I never 
met you. Thank you for being there for me whenever i 
needed you Love you! Julia, Erin, Sam C, and Sam H - 
my girls We've been through so much together and I 
couldn't have gotten through high school without you 
guys! Love you all very much. Tay - thank you so much 
for everything You mean so much to me. I love you 
And lastly, my JCrew boys - thanks for always showing 
me a good time love you guys Congrats 2012' 

Taylor Lanev 

Kyle Laughlin 

Throughout my four years at Bedford high school there 
are some people that made my time in high school a 
little bit easier and a lot better First there are my mom 
and pa who were able to be good role models for me 
while growing up, there is also my brother who i have 
not necessarily talked to that much but has always been 
someone that i can go talk to about growing up ... sorta i 
guess hahaha i want to thank my friends who always 
make the days in and outside of school that much more 
fun Finally i would like to thank my Grandparents, they 
are without a doubt my biggest role models, they show 
me what it means to be a good person and have been 
like my best friends since i was born, and i would like to 
quickly thank my teachers for teaching me and the 
teammates that i have shared sports seasons with that 
make playing the game a little more fun. Thank You 

Michael Lee 

Mom, Dad. thank you so much for being there for me. 
from my very first steps in our home m Korea to rrry 
first drive on Old Billerica Poad Every ome I felt Ike 
giving up. you helped me continue forward with vot*' 
words of encouragement I couWnt have done it 
without vou and your love for me David, vou are the 
best brother that I could have ever asked for I 
i sometimes think back to our first day of e l e m e ntary 
I school Walking up to the bus stop at the comer of our 
4 Street, hand in hand, we had nothing else to comfort us 
besides knowing that we were in it together i krww ««1 
always be in it together Last but not least, high school 
would not have been the same without nfiy fnefXK 
Thanks for being there for me. keeo»ig me awake 
dunng early morning classes and the late nights of 
history fair, sharing laughter and smdes with me Hev. 
we finally nude it it's been awesome, and n rma vou 

Sandy Lewis, a phenomenal woman. I honestly don't 
think I could have done any of this without you You are 
my backbone and the reason I am graduating today You 
always believed in me and encouraged me thru the highs 
and the lows. I am truly thankful to have a mother like 
you. I love you and thank you. My blood sister Shaleyah. 
Even though we may argue and fight I know you'll 
always have my back through whatever. Thank you for 
always pushing me to do my best. To Ms, C and Mr M, it 
would take a lifetime to list all the things you have done 
to help me graduate You opened my eyes to see I could 
achieve whatever I put my mind to. Thank you and I'll 
never forget you. Thank you to my girls. Briana. Imam. 
Lyss, Armelle. Takijah and Nay, And my boyfriend. 
Nakeda <3 Class of 2012, we did it! 

Deonnah Lewis 

To my awesome family Thank you for helping me t' 

become the person I am today 

To my great teachers Thank you for a« of your hard 

work and thoughtfulness 

To my friends Thank you for al the fun and good 

times through high school 

Babij PlctijW and ^Mlon, Tkmki 

Where to start, . First off I'd like to thank my parents 
for putting up with me throughout High School. You've 
never given up on me JLitch thanks for everything, 
you've always been there for me like a brother should 
be Julia, throughout our ups and downs I've never had 
someone like you in my life. Thank you so much for 
everything, you've always been there for me whenever I 

needed you. CZ <5 SOY, BUKIIT. TONY, BLUE, 

MURPH. DrooSkii BaBii 

Andrew Litclifield 

Jeremy Lu 

Firstly, I would like to thank my parents for all tine love 
and support they have given to me Mom, thank you 
for being there for me in tough times Never will I ever 
forget that your love and support has helped me get 
through high school I love you very much! Dad, thank 
you for your teachings, support and love. You really are 
the best Dad in the world' Secondly, I would like to thank 
all my teachers for their hard work and efforts. Ms Sav. 
thank you for taking time off your schedule to help me 
in various subjects Captain Carson and Chief Edris, both 
of you are really amazing JROTC instructors Thank you 
for putting up with us all 4 years and you guys really did 
make the course very fun Mr Berlino, you're the best 
English teacher I had for 2 years straight Thank you for 
making English class fun. Lastly, I would like to thank all 
my friends We really did have a fun and wild year 
together 20121 

Mom: You're truly my hero, and the strongest person I 
know Dad: you've taught me so much in life from your 
experiences and stories Nana&Papa: For teaching me to 
never give up, even when the going gets rough. 
Stephen: I know that you will always listen and be there 
for me. Nikki: You've shown me what a strong woman is 
like. I look up to you not only as a sister, but someone i 
strive to be like one day Alli: It's good having someone 
that shares the same humor! Joey: I know that if I ever 
need to talk about anything, I have you by my side. 
Aunts and Uncles: Thank you for showing me and my 
siblings what a family should be like! Cousins: You all have 
impacted my life in your own way, and I love each and 
every one of you! Friends: All the memories that we 
have created, will stay with me forever' Blakeley's: Thank 
you for always being so welcoming and everything 
you've done for me! 

Family: Mom, thank you for always loving and supporting 
me through everything I do Dad, thank you for teaching 
me that l really can do anything I try to do and to never 
give up Nate, thank you for being the best little brother 
ever and helping to push me to be all I can be Gran, 
thank you for all your love and support since the day I 
was born l love you four so much Thank you for always 
believing in me, even if I didn't always believe in myself 
Macht family and Creenberg family, I love you all so 
much! Thanks for the great memories Armen, Jake, 
Nessa, Syd, Matt, my BHS lax bros, the class of 2012, my 
teachers, and all my fnends thank you for making high 
school one wild ride and four years i ll never forget 
Captain Cub signing off 

Kan Lua 

Lev Macht Creenberg 

I came to Bedford High School a shy freshman with bad 
grades Because of the welcoming environment of the 
teachers and upperclassmen i quickly became confident 
and able to succeed in my classes Now that l am a 
senior I have made many friends and amazing memories 
and I feel prepared to leave Bedford for college In my 
four years at BHS I have gained knowledge I feel I could 
not have gained anywhere else I am truly thankful to 
the teachers and my friends for making me feel so 
I eady to take the next step in life. I am excited for 
college but I will always look back on my time at BHS as 
a huge breaking point and some of the most important 
years of my life. 

Laura MacLeod 

Justin McAfee 

Twenty TWELVE!!! First of all I'd like to thank my 

parents for everything in the past 18 years Teaching 
me the right and wrong way to do things, might not 
always do it that way but at least they tried Then all my 
friends that have been with me since freshman year, 
and the new ones I've gotten in the past couple (not 
gonna name you, you know who you are) I'd like to 
especially thank the Petscheck and McMahan families for 
giving me a place to stay, food to eat, and a family 
atmosphere since 8th grade All my teammates in all 
sports throughout the years, we've had many 
memorable moments And thank you to all my coaches 
for sticking with me throughout thick and thin, you have 
been like 2nd fathers to me since I was in 9th grade 
And all the teachers for teaching me things and putting 
up with me (most of the time) And its been real BHS 
2012 definitely left their mark on this place 
#seniors20l2! #weouttahere #swaggg #Yeaaabuddv 


First off, thanks Mom and Dad for always being there 
and supporting me in everything I do I love you both so 
much and I promise to continue to make you proud. To 
my friends: thanks for making high school a time to 
remember. I know you will do amazing things in this 
lifetime with your kind hearts. Grammy, thanks for 
always believing in me I love you so much, Rosie. thanks 
for everything; I know we will be lifelong friends. Hania 
and Talia. words can t explain how much you mean to 
me. I would do anything for you and if you ever need 
me, know I will be there in a second. To all the volleyball 
girls: I've had such an amazing time this year with all of 
you. Briana, thanks for always making me smile. Kyle, 
thanks for being the best brother a girl could ever have 
Don't forget, your big sister is just a call away. 'All our 
dreams can come true, if we have the courage to 
pursue them "-Walt Disney " 

Kiana McAuley Pomeroy 

Teachers: For believing in my success, helping me attain 
it. and inspiring me to do the same for others Coaches: 
For never giving up on me and helping me make my 
dreams a reality Friends/Teammates: I chensh every 
memory and the laughs we've shared You will always 
have a place m my heart Jonathan: Your spontaneous 
hugs and sense of humor never cease to make me smile 
Snuggle, snuggle Jamal: You've helped me lead the way 
since the beginning and have never let me take life too 
seriously Thanks for being who you are; I adore looking 
up to you Jenessa: Through every step in life you've 
never left my side and every time I've fallen you've 
always picked me up Thank you for being an amazing 
sister and my best fnend Mom and Dad I am so truly 
blessed to have you in my life. Patience, guidance, and 
never-ending love; you've given me all that I've needed 
and more I love you Cod: For being my rock, my 
sword, and my shield. Psalm 18 2 

Jessuly McCabe 


Shaylynn McCrory 

Thank you. Mom and Dad, for always believing in me 
Thank you, Aileen and Lindsay, for being awesome 
sisters and passing on life lessons you have learned And. 
to my friends, it definitely took some time to fit in, 
but I am so glad I found you guys. Jeannine, thanks for 
doing insane Harry Potter things with me Ridhima and 
Lindsy. I don't know what I will do without you guys in 
college Daniel, I am so glad we have been friends for the 
past splat years (yeah I said it), thank you for being 
crazy with me Lucy, you are one of my best friends, 
and I am so glad that I have someone like you to tell 
everything to And thanks to my friends in other grades 
who helped keep me sane my junior year, I love you 
guys J. And. though I don't have enough space to thank 
everyone I'd like to, thank you to all of my other friends, 
relatives, and teachers who have helped me so much 
over the years. 

Abby McNulty 

Mom&Dad- you have been my rv_i, trirougriout 
everything, I would not be the oerson I am today 
without you guys I can t begin to tell you how 
appreciative l am for all you have done for me" 
Christian- You are such a blast to be with" Thanks for 
always being able to make me laugh Kathryn-You are 
one of the most generous peopte I krvDw, i adrrwe you 
so much Thank you for always being my btggest fan 
Grace- You are the most kDveaWe s«ter that I couk) ask 
for, thanks for all the sleepovers' J Aunt Kate- Thank 
you for everything Fairy Codmotheri Julina- Bff s smce 
age of 4 and we have been inseoaraWe ever since Thank 
vou for always being there for me girl Evan- You bnng 
out the best in me, thanks for being my best fnend and 
someone to laugh with all the time, you're the best <5 
My girls- LW MB JR CL KL SB AC ' Love you alf 

To the parents who have put up with me for the past 
18 years: Mom, thanks for supporting me in everything I 
do and watching me play in all my sports, whether it was 
rain or shine. Dad, without you I would never have had 
any success in my athletics, you were always my biggest 
fan and coach, Sarah- You're my sister but also my best 
friend thanks for all the memories, Julia- You are an 
amazing dancer and sister Bridget- You are my third 
sister and always will be! Kristen- You have been my 
partner in crime since T-Ball I'm excited to see where 
our stupidity takes us in the future, Sheena- Thanks for 
always telling me to keep my head up and keeping me 
out of trouble! Mrs, Santos, you're the best, thanks for 
helping me survive high school, Lucy thanks for giving 
me unconditional love and always greeting me at the 
door! To all of my friends, thanks for the best laughs 
and great memories. Good luck Class of 2012! 

would like to take this spot to thank the teachers and 
administration of BHS (the teachers that I had, and also 
the teachers I did not have) Thanks go out as well to 
my family and friends These people made the toughest 
parts of school bearable and an awesome adventure 

Emily Medwar 

Ezra Mendales 

Well I can honestly say that throughout these four years 
high school has been a blast with everyone of you guys. 
But the oerson I give the most thanks to is Justin 
Mcafee Justin and I since I walked into Bedford that 
first day of school freshmen year have been nothing 
but brothers Freshmen football straight through to 
varsity football we played on all the same fields, tackled 
the same opposing teams, and worked through any lost 
we had. Outside from football, I want to thank him for 
being there when I would have a bad day or something 
was going on with a relationship So thank you for being 
there battling these four years of high school with me 

Wow Thank you, thank you, thank you Mom, Dad. and 
Ethan- thanks for always being there I coukln t have 
done It without you guys Fnends- Thank you for bevtg 
the best friends in the entire world and being there 
through the thick and thin Craziest times and best 
laughs Teachers and the rest of BHS faculty- thank you 
all for making my time at BHS such an awesome 
experience High school is by no means easy, but hav»ig 
you guys there made it not so bad Every new begmng 
comes from some other begmmng s end 

Mahiri Mendes Brooks 

Claire Miller 

First, thanks to my parents for supporting me In 
everything I do and for always believing in me, Kayla: You 
are the best sister l could ever ask for and sharing a 
room with someone other than you is not going to 
compare Avi: Thanks for knowing how to cheer me up 
and always making me laugh All my family: You mean 
the world to me, I love you so much To BHS and all of 
my teachers for helping me get through high school To 
my friends: You guys are what has made going to school 
fun and you have given me memories I will never forget 
You are all amazing and have made me who I am today 
Dance girls: Thanks for making Wednesday and Thursday 
nights so special! You girls mean the world to me and we 
have had countless good times together, I love you 
guys. Volleyball girls: You are all so much fun to be 
around and we have had a crazy run, thanks for 
everything! Congrats Class of 2012! 

Tony - too many good times to narrow it down, Soy • 
out on the porch. Litch - Coca cola face. Bobby T ■ 
basketball. Murph ■ boys since St Paul's. And thanks to 
my family and anyone who has helped make me the 
oerson I am 

Talia Miller 

Ccxxx Mofien 


Brandon Moncief 

As a Southern Boy, I assumed that being so close to a 
big city would be terrible, but instead I was welcomed 
with open arms my junior year from a lot of great 
people at BHS I d first like to thank Cod for helping me 
make it through, good times and bad. I'd also like to 
thank my friends and family for helping me through 
these years, I'd like to thank my Mom and Dad for 
supporting my enlistment into the United States Marine 
Corps. I d like to thank the guys I've met up here 
who've showed me that Country Must Be Country Wide 
d like to thank my sister Emily, my best friend, for 
always listening to what's on my mind. I'd also like to 
thank my girlfriend, Alex Riley, who's there for me when 
needed most. I don't know how I could've made it, this 
far away from home, without her and her family. I'd like 
to thank the faculty, but most of all. Mr. Berlino and Mr 

Carina Montrond Silveira 

Thank you Mom for being there for me through the 
good and the bad for the past three years i don t know 
how I would have done it without you Bill, thank you for 
supporting me with everything from school to soccer I 
honestly couldn t have done it without you. A special 
thanks to Alexa Harris for listening to me about 
absolutely everything and giving me advice when I need 
it. I love you. Shivani, girl! High school has been great 
with you even though we never had any classes 
together ): Thank you for letting me go to your house 
when I had nowhere else to go Briana Peterson, History 
class was amazing with you last year! You'll always be my 
homey Loved all the Oovoo sessions with you, Alexa, 
and Shivani lol. Elise, Katie, and Helen, I've always enjoyed 
hanging out with you guys and I always will! I love all of 
you and I'll miss you so much! Mr M , thank you for all 
the advice and listening to me. Class of 2012! 

First off, I would like to thank God for giving me the 
chance to make it to my senior year of high school. Also, 
I want to thank my mommy as well as my daddy. Being a 
student at BHS has taught me a lot, both mentally and 
intellectually. The few friends that I have made at BHS 
gave my four years of high school happiness, I thank 
them all, though most of them are all BHS alumnis Ms 
Donnette, former METCO director, and Mr, M are others 
I thank as well, I will miss BHS, and once again I thank you 
for a great education But just know, you will be seeing 
me on the runway/billboards and my designed clothing 
will one day be a part your own personal wardrobe So 
all I ask of you all is to remember my name Dreana 
Jo'nae Morgan, "My CONFIDENCE will never PERISH"- 
Dreana Jo'nae 

Dreana Morgan 

I never thought I would be writing my senior thanks I 
remember the first time I stepped into BHS as a 
freshman like it was yesterday Back then, the school 
was overwhelmingly big, and senior year seemed to be 
millenniums away I cannot say that I have smooth sailed 
through high school; there were times when I was buried 
waist deep in homework, and I had all the anxieties of a 
typical high school girl, but high school was great I love 
all of my fnends, school would have been impossible 
without you all Thanks especially to LIndsy Pang, who 
always listened to my awkward stones and helped me 
with my homework Thanks to Alyssa. who always helped 
me with my projects, and made morning trips to the 
bus stop more bearable ,) l want to thank all my 
teachers, l never would have made It through high 
school successfully without them Good bye class of 
2012, 1 hope you all are able to lead great, successful 
lives. Thanks for the wonderful four years BHS! 

Ashley Nagy 

Khoa Nguyen 

To Start off, I'd like to thank to my family, my MOM, 
DAD & my SISTER You guys are amazing people who 
have supported me and guided me through the ups and 
downs of life Thanks for always believing in me, without 
your support I would never have come this far. 
Everyone told me that high school was the fastest 4 
years of my life; I don t think I can be able to keep up 
with it without my friends. To all my friends, you know 
who you are, so many good times together and I 
wouldn't change a thing about any of you, Alex Kauz and 
Mahiri Brooks, what would I do without you guys? You 
guys are like the best friend, brother I ever had. Thank 
you so so much for supporting and guiding me through 
all these years of high school Everyone else, thank you 
for helping me to make me who I am and hope you will 
stay influential in my life. Thank you all so much! 2012! I 
love you guys!! 

Brittany Niemeyer 

Mom/Dad - You have taught me to be myself, 
independent, and spontaneous You have encouraged 
me to step out of my comfort zone, and become the 
: -rson I am today Both of you have taught me 

erything that I know Dad, thank you for making me 
an Army Brat It has taught me to be respectful, honest, 
and strong Mom. thank you for showing me that being 
street-smart is just as important as being book-smart 
Both of you are and will always be my heroes. Chelsea 
and Ailie. I could never imagine being an only child You 
two have made me the bnght. funny, and goofy sister I 
am today Ailie, even though we may hate each other as 
■ -^es, I will always love you You are something special. 

: don't ever change You are the best little sister 
- elsea, you are without a doubt my best fnend You 
have always had my back, and I will always have yours 
You are the best big sister and nothing could ever 
change that Thank you all! 

It's amazing how fast 12 years can go. Mom, you are my 
best friend and role model My successes are a result of 
your tremendous influence Love you Dad, you're the 
funniest guy I'll ever meet I'll miss dancing in the car 
fancy dinners, and bonding with Dewey. Nicky, I m so 
lucky to have gotten to spend these years with you 
Your crazy dancing, how you can start a conversation 
with a stranger, and your tremendous care for the 
people you love are all things that I admire so much 
about you. Abby, you are, always have been, and always 
will be my best friend. Taylor Swift describes it best; I 
am "Only Me When I'm With You' Josh, you've always 
been there, and will always be so special to me, I love 
you. Evan, Leah, field hockey giris, the QUAD, Dewey, 
and everyone else: awesome times. BF crew; when I got 
a job, I didn't know I would be getting a group of new 
best friends too. Congratulations 2012, I'll remember 
you all forever." 

First off I want to say 20 !l 12 I! High school was one 
hell of a ride Thanks first and foremost to the thing 
that matters most in my life, my family Mom you are 
the best mom I could ask for You are always pushing 
me to be the best I can be Dad, I love you Julina, "my 
twin", all I have to say is 'l love you"' Coach Byrnes, 
thanks for all the opportunities and life lessons BHS is 
lucky to have you. To all my Garden buddies, best 
experience of my life. I will remember that forever On 
to the next chapter in my life 

Julina Nocera 

Nicklas Nocera 


I wanted to thank all of mv friends and those who have 
helped me get through high school; the people who 
have made me laugh, gave me great advice, and 
supported me - you know who you are. Honestly, thank 
you for everything. You guys have helped me through 
my toughest times and instantly know how to put me in 
a good mood, I also wanted to thank all of my teachers 
especially Mrs, Leshay, Mr Niven. and Mr, Rose who I 
have come in search of extra help, advice or just to 
chat They have helped me grow as a learner and a 
person and high school wouldn t have been the same 
without them. Thank you class of 2012 for giving me 
laughs, memories, and sticking together since the start 

Thanks so much to everyone who has heloed me get to 
where I am today, especially my parents, friends, and 
teachers You've all helped me grow so much m the oast 
four years and I can never thank you enougfi for t^Bt 
^erry, thanks for always understanding and hav»ig the 
ime sense of humor as me, even wtien irs disgustng 
Adrienne, thanks for always being ready to do 
something stupid and motivating me to not be lazy You 
two are number one' Ezra, thanks for always listen»ig to 
me complain and accepting me Thanks to both my 
parents for being awesome and raising me well Super 
thanks to all my teachers, you all have given me 
knowledge and insight and you're all fun great people 
Thanks to all of my friends for being cool Stay sweet 

Megan Norregaard 

Colleen Nugent 

Thank you. Thank you to every single person who has 
made me who I am today. Thank you to everyone who 
has gotten me to where I am now Thank you to anyone 
who I've ever encountered that has made this crazy ride 
worthwhile. A huge thank you to my mom, the one 
person who has stood by me through everything, has 
always been proud of me, and has stayed up with me 
through the countless late nights I've had Words can't 
express how thankful I am to you To all of my friends, 
family, teammates, co-workers, coaches, teachers, 
peers, and anyone else who has had even the slightest 
effect on me, thank you. I love you all, and thank you 
for helping me get here 

I had many memorable and great moments within the 
Bedford Public School system and especially high school 
I was introduced to a lot of unique people with diverse 
interests and talents that made our small community as 
successful as it is today. I also took many opportunities 
to join extracurricular activities that I enjoyed and 
benefited from and that will definitely make a positive 
impact on me for the future Thank you for so many 
great years, it was a great time! 

Hannah O'Connell 

Alexis Orav 

Senen Paez 

I would never have come this far without the love and 
support of my family, my friends, my teachers, and my 
coaches. Thank you Mom, Dad, Cassandra, Jasper, Laurie, 
Paulie and Simon for always being there for me 
whenever I need you Mom, you've seen me become the 
person I am today and have been with me along the 
way The entire time you've guided me with love and 
care and ample amounts of chicken parmesan and 
pumpkin pie. It's a wonder I'm not very rotund. Dad, 
you've taught me what it takes to succeed through 
your example of hard work and have given me the 
culture that is a crucial part of my life Cassandra, even 
today you are the best friend I have and I trust you 
more than anyone. Jasper, you are the best brother, 
you always make me proud to be your older brother 
(and coach since you're amazing at soccer). Thank you 
to all of my friends for supporting me and making my 
life a happier one. 

"I cant go back to yesterday because i was a drfferent 
person then ' - Lewis Carroll Thank you Mom and Dad 
for encouraging me these four years There were many 
UPS and downs but you were there for me the entire 
,-. ay I will never forget how you inspired me to do my 
nest and gave me what I needed to succeed and nnore i 
have seen myself grow tremendously and I have voo 
guys to thank for it I am truly grateful to have you n 
my life I want to thank my friends for making these 
years such a fun nde You know who you are The entre 
experience has gone by so quickly it seems like just 
. esterday when we first met but every moment we 
i>ave shared will remain precious to me Thank you fv 
making me laugh and cheering me on 

Lindsv Pang 

Mom & DadThanks for putting up with me and getting 
me through high school. Nana & Buppa Thanks for 
always being there for me I honestly don't know how I 
would have passed physics without you. I'm going to 
miss getting off the bus everyday, k-12, and spending 
time together. Jared, Paige, Chloe, Carter: Without all of 
you I don't know what I would do with myself Thanks 
for always entertaining me and making me laugh. Love 
you best friendl Florida Gang: Thanks for some of the 
best summer memories I'll ever havel Publix, slammin 
waitress, karate choppin basketball, mike's grad video, 
cakes and fondant at 5 am., football practice, 
yogurtland, and soo much more! Heidi: Thanks for being 
the best aunt I could ask for I ACTUALLY don't know 
how I would have survived these 4 years w/o you! 
'Embrace it." Nicky: It's been a crazy couple of years. 
Thanks for all the memories! Nocera Family: Thanks for 
everything, we've had a lot of great memories! Thanks 
to all my friends who have made my experience at bhs a 
great one! Class of 2012, we did it' 

Madison Patterson 

First off, I would like to thank my family for all that they 
have done for me Dad, thank you for helping me, 
whether it was difficult subject matter in school or 
helping get me ready for the real work) Mom, thank 
you for always being there for me and helping me when 
I felt down Thanks Bnghid for being a great sister and 
answering the constant questions I had Thanks Scout 
for being a great sister and putting up with me Thanks 
Bryce for being a great brother, despite all the fighting 
and yelling, you have always been there for me 
Secondly. I would like to say thanks to my friends All of 
you have helped me enjoy high school and have created 
some great memories I will never forget I would also hke 
to say thanks to my teammates for helping create son-' 
good memories, on the field or off FinaHy. I wouW hke 
to thank the teachers for getting me ready for college 
and coaches for helping me improve as an athlete 

Tyler Pierce 


First. I would like to thank my parents, my brother. 
Robert, and sister, Lacey, because I know I wouldn't have 
made it to senior year without them I d also like to 
thank Oussama Kannane - good times through out high 
school, more to come in college, hooefully Ashton - 
you're my bro dude, only person I will ever have the 
most random yet serious talks with So many good 
memories, and I love your walky-talky Thanks to all my 
friends both old and new I'd mention more people but 
there is a limit Thank you Alex, Cabe, and Tommy; we've 
pretty much been together since 5th grade and we've 
shared so many fun times A special thanks to Mr 
Tracey for all the support during my four years at BHS, 

Christopher Potter 

Benjamin Radio 

I would like to thank the basic, my moms, my pops, my 
sistah Jess, my grandma, grandfather, Grammy, and the 
rest of my family for being there just there is all I need. 
I would like to thank the Bedford public schools for all of 
my years of being there Ms Dresser in the LC program. 
Mr B for the best year of English I would also like to say 
thank you for the people that kept me alive the past 4 
years. Mr Daley. Mr Alprin. and Ms Ford, you guys are 
the best Mr Rose, for keeping it interesting Now my 
friends, my brother Corey Prescott. Toney D. and the 
whole fam for always having me over Warren we will 
have fun once you come home man My brothas Ashton. 
Jonny. Larry. Mike. Stephen, was sup Dick Spaulding. and 
Justin, Timmy, Denote. Mike. P Shell and Kevin Exit26. 
Tommy Wilkins. and Sean Mendell. JpaggsLCKU LC CREW 
ricca Darnell the whole NB crew MB CREW Nate Marcus 
Emilio Orlando ray Boston crew. NY CREW. ABLANY 
Sammy and Alyss. I didn't put you in. sorry 

'Life can seem either very long or very short according 
to how you live if ~ Paul Coelho 
Thanks to my family, friends, and teachers for opening 
my eyes and helping to shape me into who I am today 
Especially Kyra. 

Senior year has come so fast. It feels like yesterday I 
was just a little freshman And now I m writing my senior 
thanks, so I would like to thank my parents for getting 
me through everything, for pushing me to do well in 
school, and also being there for me whenever i needed 
them I wouldn't have been able to do it without you 
guvs Next I would like to thank my sister for being the 
best sister anyone could ask for I would also like to 
thank my friends for always being there for me and 
making high school really fun. I cant even imagine it 
without you guys To Nannie. I know you didn't get to 
see me graduate but I wanted to thank you for 
everything you and Crampy have done for me I miss 
and love you so much Thank you all the teachers who 
had to put up with all of us, and thanks 201 2 you made 
this a really great 4 years (Cure ALS) 

Sonva Rauschenbach 

Jessica Reed 

First of all I want to say thank you to my family who 
have been there and supported me through absolutely 
everything my entire life I'm so lucky to have you and i 
wouldn't be who l am or where I am today without you 
Thank you to everyone who has shared these four years 
with me. It has gone by way too fast but it has been so 
much fun Whether I've met you once or hang out with 
you every weekend, you're a part of what has made my 
high school years so great, so thanks Aubrey, you've 
been a huge part of my life all of high school and I don t 
know what I'd do without you Thank you for always 
being there and making me happy even when I don't 
think it's possible. Lastly, thank you to all my 
teammates hopefully by the time this comes out we ll 
have a state championship ring on our fingers 2012 

Joel Reubenstein 

Haley Rhodes 

I thank Cod for all He has given me It is through Him 
that I find my purpose and strength MOM & DAD I 
would not t)€ who I am today without your unwavenng 
support Mom, ttianks for being my best friend I love 
our talks and can always count on you Dad, thanks for 
«avs t)elieving in me Your unconditional love and 
:nstant encouragement have given me wings RYAN & 
ANDREW, I am incredibly blessed to have such amazing 
brothers You have shocked me with your 
thoughtfulness and friendship HANNAH thanks for 
being there every step of the way - i cannot imagine 
high school without you' The girls (M B, C M. S.D. K B. S.A, 
D H. B N. A C) thanks for all of the great times we have 
had You all are the best support system a friend could 
ask fori EMMA. I couldn t have survived without you as 
my study partner TEACHERS & ADMIN, thank you for 
your eagerness to help me succeed Words cannot 
describe my gratitude CLASS OF 2012. 1 will never 
forget these amazing past few years! I love you ail! 

I started in baby clothes, went to sports jerseys, and 
now to cap and gown From Bright Horizons. A Place to 
Crow. Nature School. Davis School. JCMS and BHS. it s 
been a long way to the top and now it's time to rock 
and roll Thank you parents, brother, relatives, 
teachers, friends, coaches, cats and doctors for helping 
me along the way. 

Nathan Rogers 

'There are two kinds of adventurers: those who go 
truly hoping to find adventure and those who go 
secretly hoping they won t,' "Rabindranath Tagore 
These years could only be properly descnbed as an 
adventure i have learned so much from my friends and 
teachers about their approaches to their own 
adventures First, I would like to thank my parents and 
my grandparents for all their encouragement To my 
friends thank you for always supporting me and for 
being positive influences in my life We have been 
traveling on the same journey for so many years and 
growing together along the way To my volleyball 
teammates your encouragement has always put a smile 
on my face One lesson I have learned these past years 
IS to never give up no matter what the otistacle is. Hard 
work does pay off in the end and never let anyone 
discourage you They may just not recognize your true 
value, but keep fighting anyway Od it for yourself. 

Marci R. 


MOM & DAD: Thank you so much for always being there 
for me You guys have guided me to become the person 
I am today You have helped me so much and I don't 
know what I would have done without your love and 
care, I love you! NICK; You have always been a good older 
brother to me You have helped me when I needed it, 
and I thank you for that, ANDREW Thank you for 
everything you have done for me. You have helped me 
so much within the past year and a half, and I know you 
will always be there for me no matter what. You mean 
so much to me. Thank you for everything, GIRLS: I love 
you all so much! You know who you are. Thank you for 
always being there for me We have created so many 
memories that I will never forget, and we have had so 
many good times together. And of course the BOYS too 
J0LLYCR5W 4 LYF3 and the T,C, 2012! 

Julia Romanelli 

Tessa Rosenberry 

'In going where yoo have to go. and dang wfiat you 
have to do, and seeing what yoo have to see. you di< 
and blunt the instrument you write with But 1 woUd 
rather have it bent and dull and know that I had 
something to write about, than to have it bright and 
shining and nothing to say, or smooth and weO-oled in 
the closet, but unused' "Ernest Herrwngway 
I couldn t possibly thank everyone wtx) has shaoed rrti 
life Mom, for feeding my creativity and sense of self 
Dad, for teaching me the art of life, and of taking 
nothing too seriously Pooks, for being my eternal rote 
model, and for jumping off swings with me Lanipoo, for 
putting up with being my lifelong best friend and second 
family The Fearsome Five, for joining me on the w*) 
side Fluffy, for perpetuating my smile and keecir>g my 
eyes open Thank you to everyone I ve known for dufeng 
the instrument I will write with my wtxjie life And thank 
you Mr Niven. for my quote 

Thanks to my parents for absolutely everything, I'd be 
nowhere without you, DJ, you're so much more than 
just my little brother, I love you so much. My friends: 
you make my life better every day, and I can never 
thank you enough for the laughter and tears and 
teaching me who I really am. Thanks to every teacher 
and coach who inspired me to be better and just made 
high school what it was. Also. Ms, Ford, you're a 
lifesaver. Volleyball and tennis girls: I love you all (as 
friends!) and these 4 years have been amazing. Marching 
band: thanks for the acceptance and support, and 
teaching me to do everything with gusto. No stick! 
Science team: Thanks for the nerdy great times! 
Crew and Play people: so many hours, so much foxglove, 
you're all amazing! Tournament kids: we've had our ups 
and downs, but you've always been able to make ME 
laugh, CSA: always be proud of who you are. It sounds 
cliche, but you inspire me every day, BHS 2012 - WE DID 


Adela Scharff 

would like to thank everyone who has helped me and 
been f nendly to me during my time at Bedford High 
School My friends, teachers and especially my family 
have all been crucial in my success and happiness I 
would like to extend special gratitude to Coach Schllder, 
a mentor of mine throughout high school who 
motivated me, teaching me discipline and dedication I 
must also thank Yongyi Chen for challenging me with 
standards that far exceed that of anyone else Finally, 
congratulations and thanks to all of my peers, the class 
of 2012. for accompanying me through high school and 
graduating proudly, looking ahead to the auspicious 
future that awaits. 

Nathaniel Scholnick 

To Mom. Dad. Apple. Maddie. Sparkle. Bedelia. Psycho 
Killer. Mr Dog. classmates, teammates, bestmates. 
teachers, coaches, and anyone who knows deep down 
inside that there should be another category with your 
name on it,, THANK YOU for the past four years! They 
say that we are the sum of all the people we have ever 
met. If that's true then I'm glad to have known all of you 
amazing people. Thanks again and best of luck 2012! 

Elizabeth Seibert 

Julia Seibert 

THANK YOU TO Mom. Dad. Lizzard. Maddo, my cat BBS. 
my other cat Sparks. Bells, the rest of my fanmty. all my 
teachers (especially the history department), ducks, 
cheez-its, bad jokes, anyone who has ever particioated 
in Black Tuesday or Watermelon Wednesday. Richard 
Nixon & Mao Zedong, the dinosaurs. Zac. Chad. Leo. mv 
cat again, iwastesomuchtime com. Red Sneaker Sessions, 
Nick, Justin. Jesse. Britney, banana waffles. Walking 
Club. JERK, Cheese Lettuce Bacon, Freshman year Art 
Class, Curtis from the Reggie Lewis, anyone who has 
ever made me cake or cookies, Troy, haikus. the Great 
Pumpkin. Bones. Castle. Suits. Psych, chocolate pudding, 
thesaurus com, Enc Foner, Apples to Apotes, my 
favorite stuffed animals, all the XC girls and boys my 
pink pillow, llamas, ginger ale, Belize peeps, my cat one 
more time, my other cat again. Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore. 
unicorns scavenger hunts, Charlie Brown, everyone wtw 
now commonly uses WAP in sentences. Green Monster 
ice cream at Bedford Farms. Singstar. dove chocotates. 
all my friends, and anyone else wtw i am mtss*i8 i LOVE 

To my mom, my dad, Lizzie, Apple, my friends, my 
fellow runners and other extracurriculars. and to all 
those who have made it more fun. challenged me. 
Inspired me. opened my mind, helped me up, or truly 
taught me something: thank you. You have contributed 
to who I am today, and you have made my life so far 
most exceedingly and excellently happy. 

Madeline Seibert 

I would like to thank everyone that has helped make my 
experience at Bedford so great if it wasn t for all my 
great friends I would not be the same person that I am 
today I would especially like to thank Colleen and Kerry 
for always being there for me l don t think there are 
words that can truly describe how much you guvs mean 
to me For all the teachers I have had in Bedford i 
would like to thank you for my great educatwn and atso 
just for being all around great peopte I never realty 
thought that i would miss Bedford that much but now 
that my time is coming to an end I realize how much 
Bedford has been a part of my life and how much i will 
miss it To every one in Bedford, thank you 



I would like to thank mv parents for helping me when I 
needed it and anyone else who supported me. 

Justin Smith 

Sade Smith 

I would like to ttiank my mother for instilling nrorals and 
values in my life that have guided me to make good 
decisions I want to thank my grandmother for being 
there when I started high school, encouraging me to 
new things, and stand up for myself I need to thank m 
sisters, Isabelle and Enka. for teaching me patience I 
want to thank my immediate family for being there for 
me The teachers who encouraged me to never give up 
and try repeatedly for excellence, Mrs Augustin, Mrs 
Petipas, Mrs Nettles, Mrs Barnett, Mr Berfino, and last 
but not least Ms Flannery, Thank you for your guidance 
Also my military family, you don't have to be a blood 
relation to be family To my dearest friends, who hel" 
me through it all; Amanda Cordero, Ariel Poe. and Shayy 
Deas, thank you! For anyone who has ever believed in 
me when I didn't believe in myself, thank you For 
everyone I didn't mention who replaced my frown with ; 
smile, thank you 

I give my thanks to my parents for raising me and 
supporting me all of my life. Thanks to all my friends 
who have been a part of my life and shared many laughs 
with me over the years. And great thanks to all of my 
teachers who have taught me so much and helped 
prepare me for college. 

1 only have 175 words so I better not waste any Thanks 
seniors for the great years, thanks to all the teachers 
for all the help, thanks to Mr Mejia, thank you to the 
whole Spanish department, thanks mom and dad for 
pushing me through, thanks Rachel for all the kindness 
and joy you bring, thanks to Ben taking time off from 
being in Albany to help me out of jams and saving my 
life a couple times, and a very special thanks to Mrs 
Jordan Without her I would have dropped out and be 
living in a shed by now Thanks to Ms Ciusti for helping 
me in senior year 

Perry SooHoo 

Richard Spaulding 

Thank you to anyone who has given me guidance or 
support throughout these past four years Thank you to 
those who have given me knowledge that will carry me 
through the rest of my life Thank you to those who I 
know I can trust and rely on Thank you to those who 
have shown me the type of person I do and do not 
want to be in life Thank you to anyone who has made 
my high school experience more fun Oh, and thanks for 
the diploma BHS. you re fab. DEUCES. 

Briana Spencer-Peterson 

Taylor Stokowsl<i 

To my family, who has always been there to provide me 
with the support I needed to succeed Thank you to my I 
Mom for giving me the great opportunity to attend ! 
Bedford High School, it has been a very beneficial 
experience and l am truly thankful Thank you to the i 
wonderful teachers of Bedford High Thank you to my 
Grandparents who have guided me through my 
seventeen years, I love you both so much Thank you to 
, cousin Kristin, who knows me better than anyone i 
:! will always be a t)est fnend and sister Thank you to 
, true friends who have stuck with me through all the 
,;:5 and downs of high school And specifically to my 
Dest friends B C and A C. no matter what happens I will | 
always be here for both of you Lastly, thank you to 
cheerleading, it has been an amazing expenence and 
through it I have met talented athletes and great 
friends To the Class of 2012, good luck everyone 

I want to thank Ms. Cisone, Mrs. Ford, and of course my 
parents for allthe help. My dudes Soy, Tony, Litch, 
Conor, Murph, Evan. Nicky all the guys All the good 
times. The porch. Fawn, Fruity P, the cape, up at the 
lake, Ms Lee's class, 4th of July lol, and many more to 
come. Class of 2012 It's been real,' 

Robert Taggart Jr. 

'It's been a wild ride. I wouldn't change a minute' MOM- 
for being my number one supporter and pushing me to 
be the best I can be DAD- for always taking the time to 
come cheer me on from the sidelines ISAURA- for being 
understanding and giving the best advice PHIL & SCOTT- 
for always having my back TAY- for being the t>est 
friend anyone could ever ask for There has never been 
a dull moment and I can t imagine the last four years 
without you. JULIA- for knowing me inside and out and 
constantly making me laugh ERIN- for being there for 
me since age 3 SAMMY C- for being the person I can 
vent to no matter what BOBBY- for listening to me. 
making me laugh, and giving me the guy advice I always 
need FHO & BBALLGIRLS- for the support, no matter 
what our record was My JUNIOR & SENIOR GIRLS- for the 
countless memones and laughter & of course the 
JCREWBOYS- for the fun adventures and making high 
school so memorable I love you all CONGRATS CLASS OF 
2012! (: 

Lynelle Thompson 


Maria Tiano 

To start off, Joe and Matt, you two have influenced 
every part of my life. From the 'Me Too" toddler, to the 
rough and tumble girl that I became, you guys were 
there to pick me up when I'd fall and keep me going. 
Thanks for being the best brothers I could ever ask for 
Mom, Dad. you guys are simply the greatest parents 
ever. Thanks for always knowing what to say and 
steering me in the right direction. You've always been 
there for me no matter what. I love you with all my 
heart Michelle, You make me see the light of any 
situation. Wilson, Leroy and the soccer girls. You guys 
can always make me smile even on my worst days. 
Through the thick and thin we support each other No 
matter what I've always "got your back" Words can t 
even begin to express how grateful I am to have you all 
in my life. I wouldn t be the person I am today without 
you guys. Thank you. 

Life passes most people by while they're making grand 
plans for It '• unknown author Bukiit- Vour my dude, 
great times chlllin with Dora and illy Soy- Had a Wast 
Livin in the room, how long you warwia go'' Dru Babe 
Litch- looks like we re in a bit of a predKament, 
Shackettsi Murph and my boy Blue- steady aim no scope 
on shipment Tay and Elle- Nail Guns and Thwd Eve b*nd 
Alaina- Thanks for being such a princess all the tme 
Shout out to the Copeland kids, the Madawaska crew 
and the J Crew Thanks Ma and Pa for everything 
Thanks to the staff and all my coaches We got the cup 

Anthony Tomao 

iiestly can't believe it's my senior year of high school; 
I like It was only yesterday that I was sitting in 1st 
le, cutting and coloring what looked like a badly 
. vn bumblebee. I never would have made it this far 
t out the support of my closest friends and my loving 
' her. I especially want to thank the teachers who 
led me to succeed and believed in me when I didn't 
n believe in myself. To Natasha Yeung; You are my 
I other half, my sister, my best friend; I promise no 
I matter where life takes us after high school, I will always 
■ ■ there for you, as you have been there for me To my 
'11 Words can't express how appreciative I am, for all 
' years you put up with me, cared for me, and loved 

unconditionally. I am so grateful to have a mother 
:j vou. thank you so much and I love you. 

Tiffany long 

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, if you can 
dream it, you can become it."" - William Arthur Ward 
From Davis to BHS, I am very blessed and thankful for 
the past 1 2 years Everyone who has been on this 
journey with me, I thank you. First and foremost I thank 
Cod, for all He has given me. Dad. thank you for always 
supporting me in any decision I make and being my 
number one fan Mom, thank you for being my best 
friend and being the one I come to with any problems 
life throws at me. Jake, thanks for all the good laughs 
we shared and for being the best brother anyone could 
have. Also thank you to my family for always being 
there for me and to my friends for all the fun times, 
laughs, and memories we shared. I will miss you a lot To 
my close friends, I love you all like sisters. Thanks to my 
teachers for their dedication and support. To my 2012 
class, we did iti 

Rose Turner 

Alyssa Unumb 

High school has been the most challenging roller coaster 
of teenage life. The people that have stood by me. 
supported me. and comforted me deserve this little 
two-and-a-half-by-three-inch section of a page in the 
yearbook. My mom is my best friend. I've laughed, cried 
and spent the most time with her. She's my rock and I 
don't know if I could have done as well as I have without 
her. My dad is THE MAN, I'm your typical daddy's girl We 
talk about sports, music, tv - everything. He's been that 
"cool guy" friend that I need at home and I thank you. 
Dad, for that. My little sister. Jaclyn, and my little 
brother. Erik, haven't always been the most helpful at 
times, but they're family and definitely the people who i 
love the most. Thank you so much for everything you've 
done for me over the years! 
NY.KI.TS.TT.EC.SB.KN.JK.RK.CD.KD.FF. <3 iloveyouall. 

Thanks to all who made my high school years as 
memorable as they are' i wish everyone the best of luck 
wherever life takes you and to not let anyttwig hoW vou 
back from achieving your dreams "You only have one 

'•'■^ to live, but if you live it to the fvillest one rs afl ycxj 

Nicholas Vafiades 

There are so many things I could say about my high 
school experience, but it could all be summed up as one 
crazy and fulfilling journey, I've experienced some of my 
greatest accomplishments and biggest downfalls, but 
they have helped to shape me into the young adult that 
I am today and that I am becoming, I feel so blessed to 
have ended my high school journey at Bedford High 
where the school's faculty and staff have been so 
supportive of me and my dreams I have come to learn 
the true importance of family and all the love and 
support they have given to me throughout all the 
difficulties I have endured, I could have never made it 
without all of my true friends who have helped me to 
overcome many emotional and physical obstacles, I am 
forever grateful for everyone who has supported me 
and allowed me to form myself into the unique 
individual I've been longing to become. Congratulations 
class of 2012 and the best of luck to all of you! 

EmilY Walevko 

Leaving little Bedford will be tough after all For the k5vp 
and support of my family, friends, and the villa of 
Bedford l am grateful Mom thanks for the constant 
support and willingness to persevere, vou are a genius 
problem-solver Swats thanks for blazing a trail for me 
without your success and drive I would have never 
found the "right" path quite as easily Dad, Celina, and 
Faith thanks for giving me the support to follow my 
passions Nana Clare 95 years old. your wisdom has 
taught me well The Ciglio family thanks for being my 
second family Alex. Santa and Talia best friends are 
trulv forever Nathan Thanks for all the haopv davs we 
spent together Donnelly. Boschetto. and Surxler the 
Sea seeing passion exude from you inspires me Or 
Rozen thanks for your compassion Never forget, hfar: 
girls-RUBY. soccer. baskettMll. and lacrosse teams, sily 
spirit days, band with Felker. France and itatv girts, al 
my teachers and coaches Class of 2012. go the 
distance" "They can because thev thmk thev can" - 

Elisabeth Watson 


Bab(j Plctimi (md £mIo% Ttmki 

Leah Weisner 

I would first like to thank my parents for never giving up 
on me; monn and dad, you've helped me become who I 
am today and given me everything I needed to succeed. 
I would also like to thank my sister, Nina, for giving me 
the best advice I could ask for and for always having my 
back, I love you guys Fockey girls: through some hard 
work and laughter we ve had the best times throughout 
the seasons, Sam. we've been best friends since second 
grade and you've helped me through so much all these 
years, I love you Kim K! Kan, you've always been there to 
make me laugh and we've had the best times together, 
Julina, Abby, Megan, Jessy, Casey, and Alex I couldn't 
imagine high school without you guys and I know that 
we'll stay friends for years to come. To everyone else, I 
love you all so much and I wish everyone the best of 
luck. Congrats 201 21 

Thomas Wllkins 

First off I d like to thank both of my parents for being 
supportive I'd especially like to thank Allison Parrella for 
being there for me since my sophomore year, getting 
me to try my best and do my work, for always 
motivating me to try everything in school, and also for 
being a great girlfriend and always being good to me 
Some of my friends I'd like to thank are Sean Mendell, 
Ben Radio, and Brandon Moncreif Also I'd like to thank 
the TWP, Me, Sean and Ben I'd like to thank my 
teachers, Mr Dnscoll, especially Ms Sav and Mr Berlino. 
Thank you to Ms Sav for being a good learning center 
teacher and helping me with all of my work Thank you 
to Mr Berlino for being the best teacher I've had all 
through high school. You were the only teacher who 
didn t care just about school and that liked to joke 
around just about every class Thanks to everyone who 
has helped me through everything 

The past couple of years have been quite a ride! First. I 
would like to thank my folks - Mom and Dad. You guys 
have done a great job of supporting me I couldn't ask 
for better parents School could be very stressful but 
you guys have always seemed to be able to help me 
through tough times. Lastly. I would like to give a nice 
warm thank you to all my friends who have been there 
for me whether it was helping me out or Just being 
there to lighten things up. You guys are good people! 

Alexander Winkler 

Family- Thanks for supporting me and caring about me 
throughout high school Jimmer- Thanks for being a 
good time and just being Jim Pierre- Stay reckless 
Murph- You ve been like a brother to me and we have 
had great memories that I'll always remember I always 
got your back bro, no matter what Samuel- Thanks for 
making high school a hell of a lot more bearable man 
■Fist-Bump/Fins* Litch. Soy, Tony, Conor- 'The older 
you get the more rules they are going to try and get 
you to follow You just gotta keep on llvin man! L-i-V-l- 
N ' Thanks for reminding me to LI V E. QUAD- <3 Abby- 
You've always been there for me and you've made a 
lasting impression on my life It's been incredible being 
with you and I don't know where I d be if I never found 
you You re one of the most compassionate and cahng 
people I have ever known and you always put others 
before yourself l ve learned so much from you and 
want to thank you for everything you've done for me 





Evan Wong 

Catherine Wyatt 

MOM - thank you for always listening and never judging 
me, I really feel l can tell you anything I'll miss watching 
all the crime shows with you next year. DAD - thank yoLJ 
for literally knowing everything, or at least everything 
I've ever asked you It has helped me so much in school 
and life BILLY - you have made me always see the other 
side of a situation and i am glad to have you as a 
brother And everyone who I have been with for the 
past 18 years(wow!), just being there has made me who 
I am, so thanks All my FSU guys, thanks for the great 
times! I want to give a special thank you to Elise, Helen 
Shivani, Talia, and Ruth for being there for me from day 
one, well maybe not exactly day one, but you know 
what I mean I love you guys, and I couldn't have done it 
without you. As Winnie the Pooh once said, 'A grand 
adventure is about to begin ' Best of luck to everyone! 

Natasha Yeung 

Wow. we finally made it 2012 Who knew this day would 
come so fast i d first like to thank my two favonte 
people, mom and dad Without your support and love, I 
wouldn't be who l am now I love you two more than 
anything ) Tiffany Tong. thanks for being the bestest 
friend a girl could ever ask for I've known you ever 
since we were 2 and we have t)een inseparable since 
From all the amazing memories, laughing over the 
dumbest things, and all the hilarious inside jokes, you 
turn bonng days into days I'll never forget Best fnends 
till the end Love you Tiff :] To my amazing fnends, 
thanks for all the memories that I will forever chensh & 
hold in my heart Without your laughs, stones, smiles, 
and good nature, I wouldn't have made it through the 
year. I love you guys so much & I'll sure miss you a lot ) 
Good luck in the future Hope to see everyone at our 
school reunion! tt, cd, au, rk, jk 

Thanks to everyone who's helped me these past four 
years ...Mom. thanks for the things you did every 
day— making my lunch, coming to games— and for 
always being there to support me I wouldn t be such a 
confident person without you always encouraging me 
Dad, you've taught me that I can accomplish anything if 
I want it enough. Thanks for letting me make my own 
mistakes along the way. even though I know it killed you 
to watch me make them Kim. thanks for always looking 
out for me and helping me over the rough spots— from 
editing countless papers to baking cookies whenever you 
came home. Cregg. thanksfor helping me keep my world 
in perspective: you always know how to make me laugh 
and remind me how much awesome is still to come in 
my life. My friends and teammates. I wouldn't have 
made it without all the laughter and smiles we've shared. 
Thanks to everyone who believed in me, I wouldn t have 
made it without all of you " 

Jennifer Zolla 

I'm so pumped to say I'm outta here, with my diploma 1 1 
couldn t have done it without my mom; you took on so 
much, tned your best. & supported me through it all. 
thanks mom <3 Mr Daley, thanks for giving me a reason 
to make fun of you everyday for dancing around the 
room like Cinderella, especially when I was in a bad mood, 
& for taking me on the WORST trip of my life up a huge 
mountain with no heat or running water, I quit smoking ] 
You re one of the biggest reasons why I made it here 
The people at Bedford High never gave up on me, it 
means so much Ms Dresser, you've done so much for 
me. See ya in Providence lol, TS & SM, we don't hangout 
or talk as much, but you're the fnends I'll never forget. 
Love you guys Sometimes you're not gonna know what 
to believe in, you just have to t)elieve in something, 
because that's what keeps you going I'll never forget 
you all. 

Alicia Cicchino 


Latia Durant 

Latia. Tia. Ti-Ti, Precious, Dancer. Singer 
and Diva! No matter what the name, yo 
are our superstar! We are very proud of 
you and excited for everything the future 
holds for you Wubba you. Mommy. 
Nana. Auntie and Martina 

For locations visit: k 

You did it! 

We 're so 
proud of you! 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad & Michelle 


Dicmne M. Bridgeman D.D.S. 

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry 
41 North Road Suite 107 
Bedford, MA 01 730 
(781) 275-7153 • Fax (781) 275-5466 

Your Smile Reflects Our Commitment To 


Kristen, you are a blessing and gift to 
your entire family. You have brought us 
pride, joy, laughter 
and happiness. Of 

all the special times you enjoyed in your life, 
we know that getting Sadie was the greatest of 
all. You have grown into a remarkable young 
woman with the spirit of fairness, 
compassion, empathy, friendship, and 
generosity. No doubt that you will achieve 
success in any 
"goal" you set - it will be a "slam dunk"! 
© We are always here for you and love 
you unconditionally. Be true to yourself; 
live boldly; laugh loudly; love truly; play 
as often as you can; work as smart as you 
are; share your heart as deeply as you can 
reach; and choose in ways that support 
your dreams and honor your actions. 

May all your days be filled with love, health, happiness and peace 

With our love today, tomorrow and forever, 
Mom, Dad, G.J. <Si. Sadie 4^ 




To our dear sweet children. 
You are incredible and we love you so very much! 
We are so proud of you! 
Love, Mow, Pad, Pewey 


!% JT^J **You are so 
beautiful to us" both 
^^^^P inside and out. God 
fl^^^ blessed us with a 
_ wonderful daughter 

^^^k who has grown into 
^^^^^^H an amazing woman 
^^^^^^^^ who is intelligent, 
charming, and has a pretty good arm ©. Thank you 
for being a fine role model to 
your brothers, sister, and your 
peers. We will always be there 
for you. Stay true to your faith 
in God and He will guide you 
through life! May He always 
watch over you and bless you 
with good health and happiness. 
Angel of God'' 

Mom, Dad, Tim Jr., 
Victoria & Greg 

* • • • 


Congratulations to the Class of 201 2 
See more photos at: 

Carlton SooHoo 
(339) 545-1450 

Our delightful daughter 
and spectacular sister, 

May you always 
keep your head above the water, 
have courage to face the wind, 
and enjoy life's ride! 

You make us proud. 
You bring us joy. 
Our love for you is infinite! 

Dad, Mom, Phil and Scott 

"Love the life you live 
Live the life you love" ~ Bob Marley 

Congratulations. Megan!! 
We wish you all the best in the coming years! 
We are so proud of you! ! 
Love you forever! 
Mom. Dad. Kristina, Michael & Bella 


Casey Kelly LaGrassa 

My Babe, My Best Pal! 
You are truly a wonderful gift. 
You have pulled your self thru 
some pretty rough times. You are 
so strong & level headed. Don't 
let anyone or anything stand in 
the way of your dreams! 
Reach for the stars! 
Love you to the Moon and Back! 

Mom, Dad. Brennan, Riely, 
Ranga & Rexie 


It is amazing how fast 
the years hai'r ponp try. 
It has been a lot of 
laughs and a lot of fun. 
Good luck and we hofje 
all your future dreams 
come true. 


Mom. Dad and Laura 

Matthew Coughlln 

Gongrafulations Sam! 



Our Danielle, "wittle wull", "wuU", "luU", 
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Words can't express how proud 
we are of you and ALL of your accomplishments. Your 
extreme hard work, dedication, and determination helped 
you succeed in high school and we are sure it will follow you 
to college and in life. You are such a special person and we 
feel so blessed to be able to call YOU our daughter. We have 
enjoyed watching you grow from a mischievous little toddler 
to a mature and very responsible young lady. Your sense of 
humor, warmth, kindness, and empathy for others is such a 
tribute to the unique person you are. Your unselfish and 
compassionate ways will surely lead you to much happiness 
and joy in your life. Just as you have given us such happy 
and joyful years! As you begin your next chapter in your 
Book of Life please know your family is always here for you 
with our love and support. Stay true to your heart; keep 
God first and you will surely travel along happy paths of life. 
We love you so very much. Thank you for all the memories 

and thank you for being you! 

All our love and hugs. 
Dad, Mom, Nicolle & Gregory (and Cody, too!) xo 



You are Lovely. Enthusiastic, 
Adventurous, Hysterical! 

What a perfect joy it has been 
watching you grovi/ from that cute 
little baby to the beautiful young 
adult you have become; and as you 
let go of our hands and fly off to 
your next adventure, always 
remember that your education will 
allow you to turn mirrors into 
windows. Keep Exploring! 
Keep Dreaming! Keep Discovering! 

Haley Rhodes 

riuink yim far hriniiinir liirhi cVr /Vn- into our 
H e lore \ <in so rrr\- much: 

; you for hriiiLcinir lijxiil (Sc Joy into our lin 
U (' lofe you so /'crv much! 
Mom. Dad. Rvnn iV.- liidrcu- 


Its been a sheer pleasure to 
watch you grow up as you 
became beautiful, intelligent 

young lady with a positive 
attitude, a helping nature and 
love and respect for everyone. 
Always follow your heart. 
Wish you the best of best. 
Chammak Challo! 

Amma, Shashidhar, family and 
friends ^ 

Erin Hurley 

"Do not follow where the path may 
lead. Go, instead, where there is no 
path and leave a trail." 

— Ralph Waldo Emerson 

We are so proud of you and all you 
have accomplished during your years 
at BHS! Now as you take the next 
step forward, know that your family is 
behind you all the way with our love 
and support!! 


Mom, Dad and Colin 



Sam Blakeley 


You are the light 
of our lives and we 
love you up to the 
sky and back 

Reach for your 
dreams and we will 
always be here for 

Lots of love, 
Mom, Dad, Josh, 
Luke and Beau 

t ■ 

on your graduation! We are very proud of you and your 
As you move on to college and the next chapter in your i 
hte. lunieiiibcii Daddy. Jake and I will always be there for you Where did the ' 
years go? One nnlnute you were taking toddler aerobics and the next minute ' 
you were getting your license. You have so much to offer this world: you are : 
the kindest, most respectful person we know. Always be true to yourself and | 
keep your faith in God. Don't let anything hold you back from becoming ] 
what you truly want to be. j 
Love always. Mom. Dad and Jake j 



Congratulations!! We hope you continue to be curious 
and go after your dreams! Always approach life with the 
same zest and excitement that has given you so much 
success! We are so proud of you! We love you so much! 

MWA! Mom, Dad & Dottie 

We are so very proud of the respectful, smart, beautiful 
young lady you have become. We can't put into words how 
much we love and believe in you. 

Love Always. 
Momma, Daddy, Kaera, Kai & Baxter 

Talia Miller 

Congratulations, Telia! 
We are so incredibly 
proud of who you are 
and all that you do. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Koyla 
and Avi 



We are so proud of you! 
You have grown into a 
strong and resilient young 
woman with a great sense 
of humor. e are sun* yon 
can atcomplish anything 
that you set out to do. You 
are a ver)' special person 
with a gentle soul, always 
remember your unique 


We wish \ (»n happiness, 
love and nnn h laughter 

\\ e love von ven nun h. 
Mom, Dad, Lindsay 
and Aileen 



Eileen | 


It has been quite an 
adventure watching you grow 
from a headstrong toddler 
who always knew just what 

she wanted to do, into a 
confident and creative young 
woman who is still never 
afraid of being herself! 
We are so proud of you and 
know that you will be able to 

achieve anything you set 
your mind to. Reach for your 
dreams and remember to 
enjoy the journey! We will 
always be behind you, 
cheering you on. 
All our love, 
Mom, Dad, and David 



We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Steve, 
Nikki, Alii & Joey 

E\en\ and Tessa 

You are both forever our daughters 
Love, Michele, Pete, Candy, and Rich 


Search for your purpose, seek out your passions, and do 

what you love. Choose to make the most of every 
opportunity you receive and always be true to yourself. 

Congratulations to our wonderful and adored daughter, 
sister, granddaughter and friend! ! ! 

With all our love, Mommy, David, Mom, Anna 
and Coco! ! ! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo 

Lev Macht-Greenberg 2012 

We love you and we are so proud of you!! Congratulations on graduation and 
all your success. You are an amazing person!! Lots of love. Mom, Dad. and Nate 

Christine Cater 

15 Felch Road 
Natick MA 01760 
office: 508-655-6956 
mobUe: 508-380-0110 


At Your Service 

accommodation services 


Have hope 
Be strong 
Laugh loud 
Play hard 
Smile often 
Dream big 
You are 1 ■ > ' ' 

Mom, Dad & Ethan 

nionuTitv info .inr ]'\ 
happiiK's^ .'11 i r > 

the ni' ^ 1 pii.r-. 

\\ . .1!,- 
I .V. I ^ .! \l ■ 


Congratulations Ladybugs? 

Love, Mom ^ Dad Wonderpipical 

Dogpossible A\A«somefulapple 

Helen Kissel 


You've come such a long 
way since the first day! 
We couldn't be prouder of 
the independent young 
woman you've become. 
Keep reaching high, and 
remember to enjoy the 

All our love, Mum and Dad 

Lindsy Pang 

We are so happy and proud 
of all your accomplishments. 
You are sweet, smart, 
dedicated, and beautiful 
inside and out. We believe 
that you will have exciting and 
successful journeys. 
Remember that we will 
always stand behind you with 
full support. 
Keep smiling! 
Love, t^om. Dad & Oliver 


Hannah O'Connell 

Warm and funny 
^ Generous and patient 
' Creative, smart and driven 

WisiiingycJu happiness and success 
With love, -o- 
Mom, Maddie and Finn (^^^ 

Bedford Orthodontics 

Orthodontics for children and adults 

Richard M. Hesby, D.D.S., M.S. 

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"Ha! Pinned you again." ~ The Lion King 


We have seen you grow 
from our little "ladybugs" 
into a beautiful young 
lady. We were always 
kept entertained as we 
watched you live your 
life on a roller coaster. 
We are so proud of all 
that you have 
accomplished and are 
excited for what the 
future will bring. 
Love, Mom, Dad & Nick 

Justin Paganetti 


"There is no need to reach 
high for the stars. They are 
already within you — ^just 
reach deep into yourself." 

We love you Justin — it has 
been a joy watching you 

grow into a fine young man. 
The best is yet to come. 

"Love you" 

Mom, Dad, T.J. & Ryan 



Some brief, loving, and motherly advice: 
Never be afraid to tame the tigers. Don't 
have doubts about taking on the world. 
You should always throw your whole self 
into the things you love, without 
hesitation. But most of all . when you get 
the chance to sit it out or dance , you 
know what to do. 
love you! Mom 
Now go clean your room! 

Today, you get a diploma. ^ 
Tomorrow, you get a blank page. 

Best wishes to the Class of 2012. 
May your journey be full of life's riches 


n Federal Cxedit LMon 


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The Bedford Athletic Association 
congratulates the Class of 2012 for their 
success both in the classroom and 
on the athletic fields of Bedford. 


■} Biswas 

Congratulations Sarita. 
Great job at BHS. 


Mom, Dad, Maya, Ben 



Congratulations Megan! We couldn't be 
prouder of you and all of your hard 
work! You have been waiting to be a 
grown up all of your life, and now 
here you are, our fashionable, free- 
spirited Megan with a smile that can 
light up a room. You are true to 
yourself and that will take you far 
little girl. You've shown them all that 
you will always land on your feet and 
always look good doing It. We love 
youi Mom, Dad, Katie & Hunter 

'/ dciLtdo fajtion. I am fajuon, 

•Coco Chanel 

Thank you to our editors in chief, Marina 
Boebel and Cassidy Bayen, and the 
yearbook staff for all the time, dedication, 
and good ideas that they put into making 
this the "Best Yearbook Ever". It has been 
our pleasure to work with you. Best 

Mrs. Santos and Mrs. Allen 

Congrats Class of 2012 ! 

*P^<UK ^^^^^ ^untcH^tt^H Studio 

99CamtricldeSt. Burlington, MA 01803. 781.272.4700 


Books. Tests. 
Sorry kids, we 
support it all. 

^ Savin g s Bank